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RV Rental in London

When considering visiting one of the largest capitals in the world, RV rental in London might not immediately spring to mind. However, with London’s 5 airports and extremely well connected railways the city is actually a very good place to start your RV adventure! Despite being a large developed conurbation, London is also surprisingly close to a lot of top camping havens for RV holidaymakers, such as the New Forest and The Cotswolds. Finding a private owner to rent an RV from in London will also give you a cheaper way of exploring the capital and surrounding areas. Another nice advantage of campervan hire in London is that you can have a relatively cheap stay, opting for a campsite instead of an expensive London hotel.

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Why rent an RV in London?

Hiring an RV is the perfect option for those looking to leave London and explore the English countryside or other noteworthy towns a short drive away, such as Cambridge and Brighton. Even if you want to head into the city, motorhome hire in London is still a great option, as you can camp in various places outside the city and take a short well connected journey into an area of your choice - allowing you to also destress with some tranquility during your vacation!

What are things to do in in London?

Things to do in London are almost endless in terms of possibilities. However if you are new to the city we would strongly recommend visiting some of its many museums like the Natural History Museum or the Imperial War Museum, as they are some of the worlds finest. If you want to indulge in shopping, there are numerousoptions from Camden Market to Oxford Street. There are also lots of wonderful parks around the city, and though campsites in London aren’t something the capital is famous for, there are some great spots that will leave holidaymakers feeling so close to nature that they might forget they are in one of the world's largest cities.

What things should I consider when driving an RV in London?

Pay special attention to your route to make sure you are aware of the low emission zone (LEZ) if you are driving an older diesel vehicle. The zone is by and large found within the M25 so if you are not going into the city you should be able to avoid it. There is a fine for entering without paying so be sure to know your route. Further to this there is going to be an additional smaller ‘Ultra low Emissions Zone in London which will further affect Diesel motorhomes over a certain age. Another thing to take special care of is driving on the busy roads in London, especially when driving on roads shared by cyclists.

What is the closest airport to London?

As a busy well connected capital, London has five airports: London City , London Stansted, London Heathrow, and London Gatwick and London Luton. Most people flying into London for a holiday tend to come in through either Gatwick or Heathrow. Goboony does have vehicles available for hire near enough to all airports but in particular Gatwick has the largest range of choice in vehicles.

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