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RV rental in Lisbon

RV rental in Lisbon is possible via Goboony. Goboony is a campervan and RV sharing platform that connects owners of RV’s and campervans with travellers. We have RV rental possibilities in a few European countries and years of experience in campervan travel. The co-founders of Goboony even met each other on a campervan trip through New-Zealand. Our motto is ‘Share the Freedom’ and our dream is to help everyone make a campervan trip once in their life.

The advantage of renting an RV via Goboony is that renting from a private owner is cheaper than renting from an RV rental company. It is also nice that you are in personal contact with a local that can tell you everything about the vehicle, but also about the city and the region. Goboony takes care of the formal things like the contracts. Win win win.

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How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Lisbon?

The costs of renting an RV can be very diverse. However all campervans currently on our platform in Lisbon are from the same owner. These colorful campervans are all $1200 dollars a week in high season (July-August). If you want to have a look at campervan rental prices in Europe, have a look at our page with more information about this topic.

Is it safe to hire a motorhome in Lisbon via Goboony?

Absolutely. All campers are checked and they are ready to go. We also keep an eye on the activities happening on our platform and we will get in contact with you and the owner of the RV when we deem it necessary. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us via phone or email (don’t forget about the time difference!).

Why rent a campervan in Lisbon?

Renting a campervan in Lisbon is simply amazing. It is a great way to start a campervan trip through Portugal, but from there you can also discover Spain and Morocco. If you plan to stay in Portugal, enjoy a road trip along the coast. You should end up in the Algarve with its stunning coast, beautiful beaches and many possibilities for surfing. Also make sure to visit the region of Porto to taste the real Port - nothing will ever compare! Camping in Portugal is also an ideal way to enjoy your holiday. You have many overnight parking places in nature that allow you to stay for free (unless there is a sign stating otherwise).

What can you do in Lisbon?

There are so many things to do in Lisbon, that you could easily spend your entire trip to Portugal here. You probably know the famous photo of the yellow tram in the centre of Lisbon, you can take one yourself! Also be sure to walk around in Bairro Alto and go to the Torro de Belem. Treat yourself to some Pastei de Nata and have dinner in Alfama, where many restaurants have Faro music as well. Looking for a beach? The nearby town of Cascais is the place to go. Also good to know that Sintra has a beautiful castle and the national park Sintra-Cascais is just stunning. You even might find a wild camping spot here, so grab the marshmallows!

What are things to consider when driving an RV in Lisbon?

In Europe the rules reagrding environmental zones differ slightly per country. In Lisbon it depends on the type of motor and they are also temporary. It can be a bit unclear so our advice is to leave your vehicle out of the city centre. Leave your RV at a parking spot or go to a campsite just out of the city centre. Parking Praia Guincho in Cascais is a nice place to stay and will ensure you stay on budget.  

What is the closest airport to Lisbon?

Lisbon Airport lies in the area of Portela. Close to the area Amadora, where our campervans are located. Discuss with the campervan owner what the best way is to reach Amadora, or where the two of you could meet for the key handover.