RV Rental in Portugal

Portugal has rapidly grown into one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, followed closely by France and Spain. Every summer, tourists flock to Portugal to enjoy the sunshine, seafood and sandy beaches - not to mention the delicious wine! With Goboony, you’ll be able to rent an RV in Portugal, and explore this country through the eyes of motorhome hire. By organising your campervan hire with a private owner, you’ll get personal tips and advice on the local area. Goboony will help make your motorhome hire experience safe, convenient and fun!

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Why rent an RV in Portugal?

Head to Portugal for your next vacation to enjoy the stunning sights whilst also getting a tan and learning about a fascinating culture. You’ll love waking up to a sunny morning in Portugal, enjoying the fresh-baked pastel de natas and coffee on a terrace. Following this, you can fill your days with walking along the cobblestoned streets, heading to the picturesque beaches or exploring the impressive art galleries. Top it all off in the evening with a glass of that famous Portuguese wine and a plate of freshly caught seafood - a necessity in Europe’s highest fish consumption per capita country. Rent an RV in Portugal to travel easier, without depending on uncertain public transport or being tied down to hotel bookings. Get the privacy you desire, whilst also retaining the social aspect provided by campsites in Portugal.

Where to go in Portugal?

Well, firstly the obvious choices! A night in Lisbon is a must, riding the famed tram across the trendy districts. In Porto, you can enjoy the namesake drink, a delight to follow tours of the many vineyards this region has to offer. In Faro, you can compare the historic old town to the newer regions, best done through bike rental. It is surrounded by many gorgeous islands, so spend one afternoon exploring them on a boat tour. If you prefer to avoid tourists during your vacation, then you’ll love Tavira. This small town has managed to avoid the public eye despite the stunning views it has to offer. Be sure to try the towns famous tuna and go to one of the dancing nights in the Plaza to boogie till dawn! But there are so many awesome destinations in Portugal, so an RV road trip is the best way to go.

Things to do in Portugal

The main things to do in Portugal during your RV vacation would definitely involve the ocean. Catch some waves and have a gnarly surfing lesson during your trip. You can go diving to see the cool marine life, or take a nap on the beach. If you’re not a fan of surfing or diving but want to get moving, maybe hiking in a National Park will be more your style. The most popular one is Peneda-Gerês National Park, where you can also enjoy waterfalls, bird watching and wild swimming. But be sure to keep an eye out for the wolves! As you can tell by now, a lot of the best things to do in Portugal involve food and drink, which is both crazy cheap and crazy delicious. Take a tour of a vineyard, learn to make the famous pastries and try your hand at fishing and eating your catch - if there is any!

Do you really need anymore reasons to rent an RV in Portugal immediately and set out on an incredible road trip? I don’t think so! Check out motorhome hire options in Portugal below, and let Goboony help with your ultimate RV rental vacation.