Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Florence

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RV Rental in Florence

RV rental in Florence is pretty easy and fun if you do it via Goboony. Goboony is a sharing platform that helps you rent an RV from a private owner. This will allow you to choose one of the amazing campervan hire options in Florence. The easy and fun part comes from that it is not only cheaper than when you rent a campervan from a company, but you are in personal contact with some locals and we will handle  all the formal stuff.  

Have a look at this page to find the RV of your dreams, make a booking request and get in contact with the private owner. IThis will allow you to discuss everything important ,like where you want to go, the size of the campervan and important do’s and don’ts. The owner will probably also be more than willing to give you information about where to go in and around Florence- and how to avoid those pesky tourists!

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How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Florence?

The prices can vary a lot, as it often depends on the age of the campervan or RV as well as the amount of sleeping places. In high season the maximum will be around $1200,- per week. On this page you will find an overview of the costs for RV rental in Europe.

Why rent a campervan in Florence?

You would be better off asking yourself: why not? Florence is the ideal starting point for your campervan trip through Italy. The city lies in beautiful Tuscany with rolling hills with groves of trees (you directly get this picturesque image in your mind, right?). You can drive up north to the Alps or just south to visit the whole ‘boot’ of Italy.  

What can you do in Florence?

There are plenty of things you can do in Florence. Of course you have to check out the cathedral Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, and also check out the Piazza della Signoria. At this square you'll find many museums that will tell you more about the history of Florence. When in Italy you also need to eat as much food as possible. Don’t miss All Antico Vinaio. There is probably a long line of people waiting to get a table as well, but that only shows you how good the food is here. Bring some focaccia for us if you want ;)!

What are things to consider when driving an RV in Florence?

In many different cities in Europe you will find environmental zones. The old centre of Florence has a zone as well. This means you cannot enter the zone in an RV or a campervan. Luckily there are enough parking spaces around the city centre. Another option is leaving the van at a campsite in or around Florence. They are often close to public transport, so you can reach the centre easily. ‘Firenze Camping in Town’ is an example of a nice campsite in Florence for an overnight stay and for leaving your motorhome.

What is the closest airport to Florence?

The closest airport to Florence is Airport Florence Amerigo Vespucci or Florence-Peretola- what a mouthful! It is a pretty small airport, so you might have to fly somewhere else first and transfer to here. Discuss with the motorhome owner if you'll be picked up from the airport or if you can get the RV at the airport so you can dive directly into your road trip.