RV Rental in Belgium

Maybe you’ve never considered this, but RV rental in Belgium is one of the best things you can do this summer, especially if you do it via Goboony. Goboony is a platform that brings the private owners of RV’s and campervans together with travellers. Because the RV’s and campervans are from private owners you find many different ones, and compared to renting an RV or campervan from a company the ones on the Goboony platform are pretty cheap.

Just search on this page, choose your dream campervan, make a booking request and discuss all the details with the owner. Goboony takes care of all the formal things like contracts and payments. Our team and the owner of the RV will do everything possible to give you the best experience with campervan hire possible.  

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More than 252,000 travellers were ahead of you

We just got back from a simply wonderful long weekend in this beautiful van. I will try to cover the details in this review, but the overarching thing to say is that having been our first experience of renting a van like this, Jaime and Michael made the whole process extremely smooth, personal and professional. You are in both safe and warm hands with them when renting this awesome vehicle. The first thing to mention is just how beautiful the van itself is. It is somehow far more stunning to the naked eye than on pictures where it's already a beaut. The small tasteful details internally add a lot too. We were given thorough and clear instructions to all parts of the van including many camping utilities before departing, as well as a small guided ride to get to grips with things. Being first time drivers of a Bully, this was really appreciated. Any areas which may have felt a bit of a mystery beforehand were no longer after the intro. We took the van around beautiful Zeeland for the days, so drove around a fair distance. We experienced exactly zero problems with the van, it was a smooth ride the whole way. It's clear the van has been kept very well over the years. While driving around, we had a number of fun and wholesome interactions with people as we passed by in the van. I think it brings a smile to a lot of people's faces, and these moments were really special. Last but not least, Jaime and Mike were absolutely fantastic to deal with from the very first interaction in booking, through to the final goodbye and signing off of the van. Clear, concise whilst warm, friendly and helpful. We could not have asked for better renters for this experience, for which we can only be super thankful. It's an awesome van, allows beautiful memories to be created, owned by two of the nicest people you will meet. 100/10 experience.

April 2024

Why rent an RV in Belgium?

Belgium might be a really small country, but it is really worth the visit. The north and west of the country are the Dutch speaking part. The south and west are the French speaking section and each part has their own specialties. Going on a vacation in an RV makes it possible for you to discover it all. Another good reason is that the RV’s in Belgium are pretty luxurious, so you will also have the best comfort possible during your trip. Belgium is also a good starting point for your European tour. The country shares borders with Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and France, so from here you can go in all different directions.

Where to go in the Belgium?

Belgium is well known for their cool cities. Antwerp is really fashionable with a lot of boutiques and vintage stores. There are also many terraces to sip your glass of wine from. The harbour is really impressive too. Brussel is known as the capital of the Europe Union because each major institution of the EU is situated there. Other cool cities include Bruges, Gent, Liège and Namur. Furthermore the Ardennes are located in the east of Belgium. It is a region of extensive forests, rolling hills and ridges formed by the Ardennes mountain range and the Moselle and Meuse River basins. The region is cute, fairytale-like and perfect for hiking and biking. In the whole region you’ll find many beautiful campsites, and if you make use of the app Campercontact then you can find cute camping places, especially for RV’s.

Things to do in Belgium

You can’t leave Belgium before strolling through the lovely cities, treating yourself with Belgian fries, chocolate and waffles form Liège. In the Ardennes you can sweat it all off again. Stroll around the medieval old town of Ghent, and take a day trip to Masstricht, just inside the Netherlands.