Best Campsites in Italy

November 9, 2018 in Destinations, Campsites, Tips for Travellers & Italy

Surely after the many blogs you’ve read on Goboony about all the breathtaking places in Italy, you are lusting after a true Italian holiday next time you are setting off on an adventure! This is why we bring you this guide to the best campsites in Italy; of course, it’s difficult to name all the wonderful campsites in this vast and varied country, but we want to share with you some of our favourite places in different parts of the country, so you can have some inspiration and hopefully find the ideal campsite for you.

Unfortunately, we cannot name campsites by region, as there are so many, however we will give you tips for some of the most interesting campsites in the Northern, Central and Southern parts of the country. So grab an espresso macchiato and enjoy browsing through these wonderful accommodations in Italy!
Best Campsites in Italy H2 Goboony Beautiful Campervans Nature Sunny

North Italy

The Northern part of Italy is full of campsites, as it is the most accessible part of the country to the rest of Europe and is of course full of beautiful nature and mountains that are perfect for a hiking holiday. You might be looking for the perfect place to stay at while you make trips to the dolomites and hike around or you might want to visit cities, so maybe you are looking for camping near, for example, Venice. Here are our top spots for each of those activities!

  • Camping Rialto: If your main goal of the holiday is to see as much of Venice as possible, this campsite is for you! Perfectly located, you can catch the bus to the city centre right outside the gate of this campsite. And once you've had enough of the hustle and bustle of Venice and the many toursits for the day, you can come back here to your own little oasis of nature and fresh air. With impeccable facilities and wonderful staff, this is the place to be for any Venetian visitor!

Price start from: €22 per night, 45.484293, 12.283228

  • Camping Tigullio: Have you always wanted to visit the beautiful Cinque Terre but are not a fan of overpriced lodgings in the towns? How about trying a campsite? Camping Tigullio is perfectly located for trips to Cinque Terre, La Spezia or even Genova and you can expect much more than just a campsite with clean facilities; you will be rewarded with beautiful nature, a beach and even a swimming pool and restaurant on premises. How better to spend an afternoon after a day of sightseeing than relaxing in a place like that? Don't hesitate and book away!

Prices start from: €26 per night, 44.271389, 9.425636

  • Union Lido Camping Park & Resort of Cavallino-Treporti: If you are looking for a completely unique camping experience and want to stay in the vicinity of Venice and other beautiful cities around, this is the place for you. Not only has this campsite won numerous awards for best campsite in the are and even in the region, it is equipped a beach, a waterpark, sports grounds and so much more! 

Prices start from: €40 per night, 45.465064, 12.527043

  • Camping Zocco: This wonderful campsite is situated nearby Lake Garda and so gives you a great base for wonderful hikes and swimming or water sports in the lake. There is also an outdoor pool, sports centre and a lot of activities for everyone. You can reach some of the big Northern cities like Milan or Turin easily from there!

Prices start from €20 per night, 45.539905, 10.555969

Best Campsites in Italy H2 Goboony Beautiful Mountains Nature Dolomites

Central Italy

We understand that the name Central Italy spreads over such a vast region, that we cannot advise you on campsites all around the area. The following are of some lovely camping in Tuscany and of course a campsite that is well positioned for visiting the eternal city of Rome.

  • Kokopelli Camping: If you’re looking to stay as close to nature as possible, with beautiful views and wonderful fields and forests around, this is the place for you! You can charge your devices in the barn and have access to water, but for the rest, you can relax in this wonderful paradise without much contact with civilisation. 

Prices start from €14 per night, 42.244691, 14.101538

  • Camping Roma Flash: This campsite is located by the beautiful Lake Bracciano, while also being about 40 km away from the beautiful Rome. You can experience the Bracciano area and will be a few minutes away by car from the sea. Though of course you should visit the eternal city, keep some time to explore the region around the campsite, you will not be disappointed! 

Prices start from €19 per night, 42.130238, 12.172144

  • Camping Panoramico Fiesole: In this camping in Tuscany, you will be very close to Florence here, while having the opportunity to make trips around the wonderful Tuscan countryside. With great facilities and a friendly staff, there is nothing you will miss here! 

Prices start from €30 per night, 43.806356, 11.305933

Best Campsites in Italy H2 Goboony Beautiful Bologna City Sunny

South of Italy

Finally, we arrive in the breathtaking Southern Italy; if you are very interested in this region, you may find our blog about a Sicilian road trip interesting; otherwise, if in the South you are looking to visit places like Naples or Bari, here are a few of our top picks of the best campsites in the South of Italy!

  • Costa Splendente: Located in the beautiful Calabria, you will be close to the beach but you can camp under the trees for a cool oasis in the evenings. A wonderful campsite surrounded by nature but easily accessible by campervan, you can make day trips to surrounding towns or just lounge around at the beach. 

Prices start from: €19 per night, 38.915689, 17.028067

  • Riva di Ugento: Closeby to the beautiful Lecce and not too far from Bari (you can take a train or drive down in less than two hours), this campsite is also located by the sea and will experience the wonderful region of Apulia, said by many to be a gem of the country. You can find a nice spots under the trees for your campervan and spend a wonderful holiday here! 

Prices start from €21 per night, 39.875475, 18.139955

Best Campsites in Italy H2 Goboony Beautiful Lecce South Summer

There are so many stunning places one should see in Italy, whether in the North, South or in the central part of the country. If you are interested in seeing some hidden gems, you can read through this article about some of the beautiful, unknown parts of the country. For the rest, we hope at least one of our recommendations tickled your fancy and maybe even thanks to finding a campsite that you want to stay in, you will discover some region or little part of Italy that you would not have otherwise. For now, enjoy planning your trip and Buon Viaggio!