Exploring the Portuguese Coast in a Motorhome: Caitlyn’s Experience

September 18, 2018 in Destinations, Experiences, Portugal & Travellers

Caitlyn’s experience of motorhome hire in Portugal was so lovely that we just had to interview her and find out more! #sharethefreedom

Caitlyn and Ivo's Motorhome

The Interview

So Caitlyn could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm an Aussie who has been living in London for the past 2 years. My work visa has now come to an end and so I am travelling for as long as my wallet (and visas) will allow me before returning to Australia.

What a fantastic idea! And why did you decide to go on holiday in a motorhome?

I love being outdoors and travelling by motorhome as it allows such an enjoyable journey and way to see a place. It also allows you to get to know your travel buddies really well, allows flexibility and can be a cheap way to travel too.

We couldn’t agree more! Now let’s talk about your trip, where did you go in Portugal?

We picked up the motorhome in Faro and drove it up the coast to Porto, with some side trips inland along the way.

Caitlyn and her friends

I know this will be a difficult question, but what was the best place you visited?

I have two - one night we camped along a cliff top which looked out into the wild sea. The sky at night was amazing and the area was so peaceful and beautiful! The other would be Geres National Park. We drove as far as we could with the van and then hiked out to the 7 lagoons. We went really early in the morning so no one else was around and it was spectacular!

What about a favourite camping spot?

Along a cliff top which looked out into the wild sea - between Sagres and the lighthouse. It even had beach access down the cliff and a portaloo!

And if you had to choose, what would you say was the best moment of the holiday?

Setting up camp at the end of each day, finding a cool place to park, and then sitting down with my friends to watch the sunset.

Sunset view

It sounds so idyllic! Do you have any tips for people wanting to do a similar trip?

Download an app which allows you to easily find motorhome parking. Park4Night was what we used in Portugal - especially helpful for finding parking in cities where some streets can be too small to drive a motorhome.

Considering there are so many amazing places visit along your route, how did you plan your trip?

We worked out the locations that we definitely wanted to see. We then took into account how many nights we had. Otherwise we just drove freely. We didn’t have any problems finding somewhere to camp for free but it may have helped that we were travelling just after the busiest part of the season.

We are so happy that you did, but why did you choose to travel with Goboony?

All the commercial hire sites were sold out. However this turned out to be less hassle than hiring through a commercial company and also came with local expertise - and was in fact cheaper!

Caitlyn and Ivo's Motorhome

How was your experience with the motorhome owner?

Ivo was brilliant! We met the whole family as they drove the van from Porto to Faro for us to pick up (for a pre-arranged fee.) They were also readily available to contact on whatsapp if we had any issues.

Do you have plans for a similar trip in the future?

Yes! I have already done New Zealand, UK and Iceland by motorhome and I wish to continue doing so in the future! No specific plans on a destination just yet though. I need to save up my money again!

Such beautiful places for motorhome travel! And what locations are on your motorhome holiday bucket list?

Anywhere and everywhere!

Thank you for travelling with Goboony Caitlyn, we hope you travel with us again soon!

If Caitlyn’s wonderful journey along the Portuguese coast from Faro to Porto with its stunning sunsets and dramatic cliff top views has convinced you to travel in a motorhome, then make sure to discover the possibilities with Goboony!