7 Best campsites in Belgium

April 2, 2020 in Destinations, Campsites & Belgium

If Belgium isn’t on your travel bucket list, think again. Despite its small size, there is a lot to see and do in the country! Want to go to the beach? You can always visit some of the quaint coastal villages on the shores of the North Sea. Hoping to do some hiking, or explore lush greenery? The Ardennes can satisfy your craving for peaceful nature. While staying in city centres is a remarkable experience in Belgium, it can be difficult to enjoy gems that lie just beyond the city. The solution? Camping. If you’re unsure where to go, then look no further! Here are some of the best campsites in Belgium.

Also consider whether you'll be hiring a campervan in Belgium, or if you'll bring a motorhome abroad. Be sure to check out this comprehensive list of ferry prices and options. 

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1. Camping Memling 

Location: Brugge 
Price: Per night for two adults: €25.00 - €32.00 (£22.00 - £28.00), depending on the season
Open: Year round

Brugge is definitely a city you cannot miss in Belgium, and at Camping Memling you can enjoy both the old city and the nature beyond! This tranquil campsite is located by the Veltembos forest, making it easy for you to start off your day with a pleasant walk. Brugge city centre is easily accessible -- you can travel by car, public transport, bike, or even by foot if you’re in the mood for a little exercise! 

The location of this campsite is perfect for also exploring some of the smaller coastal villages Belgium offers nearby. Even though other coastal campsites may be closed during the winter, you’ll still be able to catch beautiful views of the wintry sea waters. This is an excellent place to be camping in Belgium.

Suitable for: Adults, and families with older children. Relative to other locations in Belgium, there aren’t many playgrounds and other entertainment facilities for toddlers. 

2. Vakantiepark Blauwe Meer 

Location: Lommel
Price: starting from £16.96 per night for two adults 
Open: End of March - End of October (specific dates vary annually)

This campsite is the ideal place for a small nature retreat. Because of this site’s nice location by a lake and forest, your summer days can be spent lounging in the sun. Worried about a sunburn? You can always visit the site’s indoor pool for some shade. Don’t want to spend your entire time swimming? There are many outdoor activities to choose from: basketball, miniature golf, tennis, beach volleyball, and a play area for younger children! If you’re craving a cold glass of beer under the summer sun, you can always grab one from the restaurant-bar on site, and your children can grab a cold ice cream from the ice cream parlour nearby. 

Lommel isn’t one of Belgium’s biggest cities, but there still is plenty to enjoy. If you’re hoping for bigger cities, Antwerp is roughly a 1 hour drive from the campsite. You can even cross the border and make a short day-trip to the Netherlands -- Eindhoven is a short 45 minute drive! 

Suitable for: Families with younger children. There is a lot to keep your kids entertained, and the site is close to bigger cities if you’re looking for a place to visit museums. 

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3. Camping Brussels: 

Location: Brussels 
Price: Per night: €8.00 (£7.00) per car, €5.50 (£4.90) per adult, €3.50 - 4.50 (£3.10 - 4.00) per child, and €2.00 (£1.80) tax. You can get group discounts, so it could be cheaper!
Open: Year round

Brussels is arguably the most famous city in Belgium, and it’s popularity and global importance can make it seem really busy. Because of that, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to stay in the city centre in the midst of chaos. However at Camping Brussels, you can get a perfect balance between visiting the busy city and relaxing in a quiet area in the outskirts of the city. Because the campsite is open year round, you can enjoy the sunny streets during the summer, or browse through the Christmas market in the city centre during the winter. 

The campsite itself is well equipped. If your little ones (miraculously) still have energy after a day out, they can let it all out on the playground. The site offers two table tennis tables for a quick game, which is also an excellent way to socialise with fellow campers! For those of you who are hoping to try some world famous Belgian beers, you can always visit the clubhouse on site for a nice cold glass. 

Suitable for: All ages. Brussels itself is quite a big city with activities for everyone. The campsite also caters to all ages equally, so it won’t be too noisy for older adults, or too dull for children!

4. Camping Houtum* 

Location: Kasterlee
Price: starting from £17.86 per night for up to 6 people
Open: Year round

This family run campsite is a great place for you to take a step back from the business of big cities. Located in the lush, green outdoors of the Kempen, you can enjoy the surrounding nature by biking along designating paths, or taking peaceful hikes in the forest. Camping Houtum offers other activities if you’re not keen on walking through a forest. During the high season in the summer, the site organises numerous events, such as billiards evenings, bingo, dancing, and barbeque events. But, you can access a volleyball court and playground year round. 

You also don’t have to leave the site to mingle with locals! Camping Houtum has its very own bar-restaurant on site that is frequented by residents in the area. But if you’re hoping to get a taste of big city life, the campsite is under an hour drive from Antwerp city. Although it is further than other sites, Camping Houtum is probably the best place to go camping near Antwerp, as other places tend to be dated and small, with little facilities on site. 

Suitable for: All ages. The nature around the site can be enjoyed by everyone, and the summer activities are a perfect way to unite people of all ages. 

*Even though the website is in Dutch, it can be translated by Google Translate if opened on Google Chrome

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5. Camping Bonanza 1

Location: Blankenberge
Price: for two adults per night (including electricity, water, and taxes): €21.00 - €27.00 (£18.70 - £24.00), depending on the season
Open: Year round

If you’re hoping to have a relaxing vacation filled with water activities, this is the perfect place for you! The campsite is conveniently a short walking distance from the beach, and freshwater fishing is close to the site as well. Of course, a beach vacation isn’t complete without a quaint seaside village, and Blankenberge is the perfect place to be! Its cosy city centre is also walking distance from the campsite. 

Camping Bonanza 1 is an excellent base for visiting other cities in Belgium. Along your way, you’ll get the chance to see some of the smaller picturesque villages in the country! The beauty of Europe is that its countries are close together, meaning you can take quick day trips to other countries. So while you’re at this campsite, take advantage and take a quick drive to the Netherlands for an unforgettable day trip! The easy access to other cities makes this an excellent camping destination in Belgium.

Ideal for: All ages. The beach can be enjoyed by all ages, and the surrounding cities and villages can offer activities for everyone to enjoy.

6. De Lilse Bergen

Location: Lille 
Price: for up to four people per night (including water and taxes): €15.00 - €30.00    (£13.00 - £26.70). Varies per season.
Open: Year round, but some facilities may be closed during low season (winter)

De Lilse bergen is perfect for those of you seeking a vacation busy with activities. In all honesty, there is so much to do on this site you probably won’t want to leave. Bike rental is available to explore the Antwerp Campine next to the campsite. If you have younger children, they can keep busy at the ‘amusement park’ on site, which offers trampolines, go-karting courses, and minicars for toddlers! For an adrenaline rush, you can tackle the ropes courses. The best part is that there are different levels so everyone can join in on the fun! 

Sometimes the summer heat can get too hot, and the best way to cool off is at the site's private swimming pond. You can lounge on the sandy beach, while your younger children splash around the water park just off the shore. Pedal boats are also available, which are an excellent family activity. Kayaking is also available, however it is slightly more tiring, and more suitable for older children. 

This is probably one of the more ‘action packed’ locations to go camping near Antwerp. You shouldn’t let the business of this campsite put you off -- they accommodate large groups of adults, so it is not a ‘family-only’ destination.

Ideal for: Families, and groups of friends. If you’re hoping for a quiet vacation, this wouldn’t be the best place to go because such an active site would mean continuous noise. 

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7. Camping de Chênefleur*

Location: Tintigny
Price: roughly €43.00 (£38.20) for 2 adults. The prices change according to the number of people travelling, so you might have to pay more/less depending what you’ll be needing and who is travelling with you. 
Open: Year round

As they always say, “Save the best for last,” and this campsite is the best place to go camping in Belgium! Although on the more expensive side, it is worth every penny. Located in the Belgian Ardennes, just by the River Semois, this campsite is the perfect place for a relaxing nature retreat. You’ll be able to wake up to stunning views of rolling green hills, and experience the charm of old villages in the Gaume region. The nature in the area is absolutely breathtaking, and nothing beats admiring the views cruising down the River Semois. Because the river isn’t very deep and has a gentle current, past visitors have let their children float along on an inflatable mattress. The river is also fish rich, so don’t forget to bring your fishing gear!

There are other activities on site if you don’t want to spend your whole vacation by the water. The large activity and sports area is a perfect place to release your pent up energy and exercise! You can pick up some volleyball by their popular volleyball court as well. If the summer heat gets too unbearable, you can move indoors to play some bowling -- an activity that everyone can enjoy. 

Safety is also an important priority for this site, so they offer nightly surveillance during peak season. 

Ideal for: All ages. The relaxing nature can be enjoyed by anyone, and the activities on and off site are suitable for all ages! 

*Even though the website is in Dutch, it can be translated by Google Translate if opened on Google Chrome

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Now that you know the best campsites in Belgium, you are ready to plan your trip! Remember to make sure the facilities and activities on site are suitable for your travel companions, so you can make the most of your trip. Will you be in Belgium for Rememberance Sunday?

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