10 Best Gifts for Campervan Owners and Road Trip Enthusiasts

November 15, 2023 in Tips for Travellers, Tips for Owners & Tips for the road

Great news, the holiday season is upon us! Even better news, we're going to help you honour last year's promise of getting the Christmas shopping done early this December! With this list of inspirations for the best motorhome gifts, you'll be prepared and ready to rock once the real festivities start. Check out these incredibly fun and useful present ideas for motorhome owners and all other road trip enthusiasts, whether they own your own vehicle or not. 

The ultimate gift for all road trip enthusiasts 

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Best gifts for campervan owners motorhome present ideas

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Practical campervan gift ideas

Campervan owners are definitely one of the groups of recipients who appreciate a practical gift. But practicality doesn't necessarily mean boring. Here are some practical campervan gift ideas to enhance your traveller’s experience on the road. 

1. Hanging travel wash bag

Every person who has ever stayed at a campsite has had the experience of getting to the shower block and realising mid-wash that they have left something important/critical behind. Become the saviour of the shower block by gifting the campervan owner in your life with a hanging travel wash bag. There are plenty of different options on the market. Opt for one with pockets a-plenty, a sturdy hanging hook and perhaps a small mirror. Use it once and it will become indispensable. 

Check out the Eagle Creek Pack-It Hanging Toiletry Kit

2. Campervan sat-nav

Not the most glamorous campervan gift perhaps but, if your recipient travels a lot and wants to avoid arguments over map reading, a campervan sat-nav could be just the ticket. 

For some great product recommendations, check out our guide on everything you need to know about campervan GPS

3. LED lantern

Committed campervan holidaymakers are likely to need a variety of torches and lamps during their travels. The Barebones Forest Lantern is a great gift for motorhomers. Its vintage-inspired design makes it lovely to look at and it gives off a gorgeous warm glow, both indoors and outdoors. It is also very practical and has a good range of functionalities. Depending on the setting you go for, the lantern can last up to 80 hours and it has a rechargeable micro USB so your recipient never needs to be left in the dark. 
best gifts for motorhome owners campervan present ideas

Comfort gifts for campervan owners

Taking to the open road is a glorious life-affirming experience but it is also nice to have a few creature comforts onboard for star-gazing, basking in the sun, gathering by the campfire or snuggling up in bed. Here are some ideas for comfort motorhome gifts. 

4. 12V Heated Blanket

This is a motorhome gift that will delight recipients who like nothing more than to channel their inner cat or labrador and snuggle up on a cool night. Naturally, we would never recommend you leave one running for hours on end but the best products are much more economical on battery power than you might think, with one reviewer claiming that one 100ah battery could keep the blanket warm for 20 hours. 

Check out The Wayward Home’s guide to the six best campervan heated blankets

5. Travel Hammock

Travel hammocks have come a long way in recent years. Where once they looked like they might snap and expel their occupant at a moment’s notice, today’s products are durable, easy to put up and care for and very comfortable indeed. You don’t even need one of our arboreal friends to hang them securely as this blog on 7 ways to hang your hammock without trees explains. 

We like the look of the ENO Double Nest outdoor hammock. Weighing only 16 ounces this quick-dry nylon hammock can support up to 400 lbs and unfolds to an impressive 9ft 4 inches x 6 ft 2 inches.  

6. Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over

Got a coffee-loving campervan owner in your life? This is the ideal gift for them. The Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over has an easy-to-clean stainless steel filter and can brew up to six cups of coffee at once. Plus, with no need for disposable filters, you’re doing your bit for the planet too. The Stanley comes with an insulated mug which keeps the coffee hot all morning and the results are excellent every time. 

Find out more about the Stanley Perfect Brew Pour Over
best gifts for campervan owners motorhome present ideas

Unusual gifts for motorhome owners

Looking for gifts for the motorhome owner who has everything? We’ve got you covered. 

7. Bat detector 

A bat detector is a superb, and unusual campervan owner gift, particularly for nature-loving travellers. These hand-held gadgets convert bats’ ultrasonic calls into audible sounds including the ‘hunting raspberry’ which lives up to its name! 

The Bat Conservation Trust has published a handy guide on bat detectors and other field equipment (with some of the profits going to the charity, making it an even better investment). Some of the more sophisticated models are rather pricey but there are good starter kits available for around £60. 

8. VW Campervan Lego Kit

Find me a VW owner who doesn’t want to be given a VW Campervan Lego Kit and I’ll show you one who has one on their dashboard or shelf already! This lovely product is no longer available to buy new but there are plenty of resales on eBay and suchlike. 

9. Wallet Ninja

Say goodbye to fruitless searches for bottle openers, rulers, wrenches, nail pullers and other handy DIY tools with the Wallet Ninja. It’s not always possible to have a comprehensive tool kit on board so why not gift your motorhome owner a Wallet Ninja? In addition to its fabulous name, this incredibly useful bit of kit is durable, lightweight and small enough to fit in your wallet. 

Find out more about the Wallet Ninja

10. Book for travel inspiration

There are so many wonderful travel books out there, something to suit every journeymaker. We love Take the Slow Road: England and Wales: Inspirational Journeys Round England and Wales by Camper Van and Motorhome by Martin Dorey. It is packed full of ideas for the best driving routes, the most beautiful and unusual places to stay, the best places to check out off the beaten track and much more. 
best gifts for motorhome owners campervan present ideas

Things to consider before choosing your campervan gift

-How often does the person/people go away?

-Do they stay off-grid or on campsites and what are their preferred locations? 

-How much room does the campervan owner have for additional items onboard? 

-How much extra weight can the vehicle carry comfortably? 

-Is the gift fragile or need securing in some way when the wheels are in motion? If so, will the owner be happy to accommodate this? 

-Will the item need storing when not in use?

-Will the gift need regular charging?
best gifts for motorhome owners present ideas for road trip loversNo doubt you’re now chock-full of inspiration for motorhome gifts — the perfect present to make time on the road even more fun, comfortable, adventurous and interesting.