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RV Rental with Goboony

RV rental is quickly growing into the best way to travel, and a popular choice for holidays. Whether you’re looking to relax as a family, have a romantic week with your partner or start a solo adventure, RV rental in Europe will not disappoint. Goboony helps by providing a platform for private owners to rent out their RV. From a cosy VW to a spacious Swift, we’ve got hundreds of RVs for you to look through. Read on to find out more, the freedom of RV hire awaits you!

How does Goboony work?

As a motorhome rental platform, Goboony helps RV owners get in touch with those looking to enjoy an RV holiday. You can either list your vehicle or search through the RV rental options “near me”. You can filter for various amenities, vehicle types or house rules - ensuring you’ll find the perfect RV for your road trip!

Why should I rent out my RV on Goboony?

We discovered that the majority of RV owners use their van approximately 4 weeks a year, leaving 48 weeks of it sitting dusty in a garage - sound familiar? Meanwhile, thousands of travellers are eager to try an RV trip and feel the freedom of it for themselves. Solution? RV owners get a comfy additional income, with the average Goboony owner earning €5000 annually, as well as the chance to share their joy with others. You choose who you rent to and when, and get to set your own rates and conditions. Goboony handles the contracts, receives the payments and mediate any disputes. We ensure that you can focus on your vehicle, while we deal with the rest. Curious? Then try reading our free downloadable E-book to see if you would like to list your RV!

Why should I rent an RV on Goboony?

By organising your RV rental on a sharing platform like Goboony, you get to rent from a private owner, a real person. This is usually cheaper than a company, and means they can provide you with tips and advice based on the vehicle and local area. Goboony keeps the process safe and reliable, utilising secure payment systems and only paying the owner once you have the van.

How do I find RV rental options near me?

Head to our homepage and begin your search, filling in which country you want to rent from, the dates of your trip and how many sleeping places you require. You’ll be brought to a page filled with RV possibilities. Narrow down the search by filling in a city on the left, and how far you’re willing to travel. You can further filter your search with vehicle types, van amenities or various house rules (Will you be bringing a dog? Do you plan to go abroad? Visiting a festival?). Then select 2-3 RVs you like and make a request to the Owner. We recommend introducing yourself and mentioning your plans for the trip. Once they’ve responded, the booking process can begin and the adventure isn’t far away! Do you need some more trip inspiration first?