Vintage Campervan Hire

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When you think of a campervan, we all know you’re thinking of the traditional VW campervan. With its white stripe, fun colours and cosy interior, it is the ultimate campervan. So why not take a trip in a vintage campervan to enjoy road trips as they were intended, to become the hub of everyones Instagram photos and appear timelessly classic. Whilst a vintage campervan can mean less space given their size, we think this makes a trip even fun! Teach yourself to pack light, and only bring the important things through the minimal storage these vans have to offer. And the cosy nature of the van means plenty of cuddling and spending time with those you have chosen to travel with. Or even better, take it as an opportunity to travel alone, exploring the backyards of the UK in your vintage campervan!

Vintage campervan hire is possible through Goboony, and through the dozens of vintage campervan hire options on the site, you’re sure to find your perfect little van! Browse through the vintage motorhome hire options below, each van coming with a history of adventures and a private owner ready to help you make your own. Use your vans small size to navigate the rural roads of the North Coast 500, or take it to a festival for the perfect little hideaway!

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