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Why haven't I received an email from Goboony?

Communication is of course vital to using Goboony successfully so you need to ensure emails are coming through and to the right email. With the following step-by-step instructions you can ensure that you do receive our emails:

Check the email address. If you made a typo, our mails will not arrive.

Go to the Goboony site.

  1. Click in the top right of the screen on your name (on PC) or on Menu (on smartphone / tablet)
  2. Click on account
  3. Check the e-mail address. If it is incorrect, please contact support@goboony.co.uk
  4. Double check your inbox as you may be able to search for the email. Using search terms such as "Goboony," or "verification," or other words related to the email you're looking for.
  5. Check your spam and other e-mail filters. Our mail may have ended up in your spam box. If  this is the case, add us to your email contacts so that the following e-mails end up in your inbox.
  6. Check any problems with the e-mail and internet provider. E-mails can be delayed occasionally. If this issue persists, we recommend contacting your email service provider.

✔️ E-mails are only sent to your e-mail address.