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I can't find my Traveller's phone number to give them a call.

Travellers phone numbers are only visible when there is a confirmed booking between two parties. Once a booking has been confirmed both parties can view each others phone number and emails for easy communication. We advise you to communicate as much as possible via the Goboony messaging system. This way your communication is secure and any agreements regarding a booking are clearly documented.

If you have a confirmed booking but are unable to locate a phone number you can find it by doing the following:

Make sure you are logged in.

  • Click at the top on Bookings (on PC) or on Menu (on smartphone / tablet) and then on bookings.
  • Click on the booking where you are looking for the telephone number of the Traveller.
  • On the right side of your screen (on PC) or further down (on smartphone / tablet) you will find the contact details of the Traveller.

✔️ Goboony meets all GDPR requirements.

✔️ Contact via phone is possible via Goboony