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How do I rent my camper through Goboony?

1. You create a profile

Before you can advertise a motorhome you must complete a Goboony profile. This way the Traveller can find out a little more about you as the Advertiser before deciding to make a booking request.

2. You create an advertisement

You can create an advertisement for your motorhome in 3 easy steps. Step 1, the properties of your motorhome are asked, how is this insured and how breakdown assistance and replacement transport is arranged. In step 2, we ask you to upload beautiful photos of the camper. Finally step 3, you specify the rates and the minimum number of rental days. If you then agree with the conditions, your advertisement is created.

3. You perfect your advertisement

In your dashboard (go to 'My Motorhome') you can choose to describe your motorhome in more detail or make further adjustments to your advertisement. For example, you can block periods on your calendar for when the motorhome is in use, specify cleaning costs, choose other cancellation conditions, and so on. You no longer need to adjust your calendar after this. This is automatically updated with every booking.

4. You will receive Reservation requests

Travellers can now make a request to book your camper. Your camper can now be found by Travellers through the site and they can make a booking request. If you receive a booking request you will be notified by e-mail. Make sure you respond quickly (within 24 hours). Travellers appreciate a quick response and you are more likely to be properly reviewed. If you have additional questions, you can also send a message to a Traveller.

5. You decide which applications you accept

As an Advertiser you have 24 hours to respond to a request. You will receive an e-mail about this. If you accept the request, the Traveller will receive a payment request. If you refuse an application, the application will expire. In both cases you will also receive a message via e-mail and the message is in your dashboard on the Goboony website.

 6. The Traveller pays online via Goboony

After acceptance, the Traveller will receive a payment request. Travellers can pay with iDeal or credit card. The amount comes into Goboony's third account. So it's safe there! The Traveller then receives a new payment request 3 weeks before the key transfer to pay the remaining 50% of the booking amount. If the key transfer takes place within 3 weeks, the entire booking amount must be paid immediately.

7. You receive the GoForm

You will receive the Goform from us about a week before departure. This is a form where you and the Traveller can, among other things, record the damage that is already present. You also receive all contact details from the Traveller, so you can easily reach each other. You can of course also continue to communicate via Goboony!

8. The key transfer

On the day of departure you do the key transfer, as agreed with your Traveller. You will complete the Goform with the Traveller to record the mileage, any previous damages and agreements about returning. Feel free to take an hour ahead here. It is important that the Traveller is prepared to travel!

9. The payout

Important of course! If the key transfer went well, we will transfer the money to you 24 hours later (next working day). This usually take between 1-5 working days to reach your account.

10. Return

Upon your return, you and the Traveller will once again complete a Goform to check for any damages or additional costs. Feel free to set aside an hour for this to prevent any misunderstanding. If there are minor damages, please state these in the Goform and block the Traveller's deposit via the Goboony site. But in many cases this goes well, and we return the deposit to the Traveller.