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What are the steps to booking?

Our focus is on making the booking process as easy and carefree as possible, and so below is a step-by-step plan for booking a motorhome!

  1. Enter the desired travel dates and number of sleeping places required.
  2. Click on Search
  3. Look through the motorhome selection for a motorhome suiting your requirements. To help this process, you'll find filters on the left side for a variety of options, such as amenities, house rules and vehicle type. It is important to also narrow down the search if you have a more specific location in mind.
  4. Found one you like? Select Request to Book, fill in your dates if you have not already and answer the brief questions regarding your travel plans. Write a short message to the Advertiser describing who you are, where you plan to go, just to give them a bit of info of where their van will go. Then click on the button to request it.
  5. Ensure you have filled in your details. Your request is sent once your contact details are filled in and you have verified your email address. We urge Advertisers to reply within 24 hours.
  6. The Advertiser accepts your request. Great! This means the motorhome is available and they are happy to rent out to you. You can still ask them questions you have before confirming.
  7. Confirming your booking. You have 72 hours after your booking has been accepted to confirm your booking, through paying the first instalment. After these 72 hours, the calendar is unblocked again and someone else could book the van. If you need more time, simply ask the Advertiser to hold the motorhome as available, or try again when you are sure. 

✅A request does not hold obligations until you have paid the first instalment, you can still change your mind!

✅Your contact details remain hidden until the booking is confirmed.

✅Payments are made securely using a payment provider and paid to a third party account.