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I want to travel with a motorhome of a specific brand. Can I search for that?

Imagine, you really want to hit the road with the iconic Volkswagen bus. Or you are a big fan of Hymers. Then you actually only want to see those campers in the search results. But how do you do that?

  1. Enter the desired travel dates and the number of people
  2. Press Search
  3. You now see all the campers that are available. Time for a filter!
  4. You will find the filters on the left side of your screen (on PC) or at the bottom of the screen (on smartphone / tablet)
  5. Choose the "Brand" filter and click on the brand you are looking for
  6. All search results are now motorhomes where the owner has specified that brand! (Note: Sometimes a Volkswagen bus is under Westfalia and there are still a few variations)

✔️ All filters can be switched on and off