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Which details are required and why?

To hire a campervan on Goboony, the following items are required:

  • Your name (or name of the primary driver) is required for clarity when you request a motorhome, and so that Advertisers know who is renting their vehicle. This name will also be used for the contract and any insurance policy required to drive the vehicle.
  • Your other contact details, such as your address and phone number, will be used for the rental agreement and GoForm. They will also be used for contact, for if the Goboony Support Team needs to get in touch and to inform you of the progress of your booking. These details will only be shown to the Advertisers once the booking is confirmed
  • Your bank details will not be required until you are paying for a booking, and will not be held on the site
  • You will need to upload a form of identification, this will not be shared or utilised in anyway, and is simply a safety measure. Your driver's license is required to verify that you can drive the campervan
  • We recommend uploading a profile photo, this shows that you are a real person and could make an Advertiser more comfortable renting out to you
  • You may also be asked by the Advertiser for a copy of your driving licence and proof of address, this is purely for insurance purposes. You can contact Goboony support if you are unsure of any details 

☑️Advertisers only see your first name when you submit the request, further details will only be shared once the booking is confirmed and placed on the contract.

☑️Your driver's license will not be shared, however the Advertiser may ask you for it themselves.

☑️Goboony will never sell your data to third parties

☑️Your bank details are not saved on the website.

☑️Goboony meets all GDPR requirements