RV Rental in Scotland

This beautiful and rugged country at the top of Great Britain is a must see for anyone visiting the UK or even Northern Europe. On Goboony you can of course find motorhomes for hire in all of Scotland’s major cities. However, if you want to explore the countries outer reaches you can even find RV rental from a private owner on one of Scotland's many islands! Scotland is the perfect place to rent an RV as you do need to drive to many of its best locations and of course renting from a private owner who can give you plenty of travel tips and recommendations of where to go can prove invaluable.

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Why rent an RV in Scotland?

There are many ways to explore this great nation, but campervan hire in Scotland truly is the best way. With an RV, you can stay in charge of your own destiny. You’re no longer restricted to train tickets and room bookings, as everything you need is in the van. You decide how long you stay in each place, when you stop, and where you go everyday! Scotland is stunning, and sitting in a train would cause you to miss most of it. Also if you’re exploring the wild Highlands, you’d struggle to find public transport or accommodation - an RV solves both of these issues!

Where to go in Scotland?

With such a large country and vast expanses of nature to explore RV rental in scotland has near endless possibilities. Naturally you should devote at least a small portion of your time to visiting the beautiful capital of Edinburgh, which has a lovely cozy atmosphere for a capital city. Edinburgh castle is a popular choice for visitors to the city. There are plenty of campsites in the vicinity of Edinburgh or just outside making it a friendly option for travellers.

Naturally, if you want to see scotland's wilderness you have to include a trip up to the highlands in your itinerary, with its mountains, lochs and islands you will find many a sight that will steal your breath away!

Things to do Scotland

There are 5 obvious choices of things to do if you decide to do RV rental in scotland. They are the NC 500 (500 miles of Scottish coastline), visiting one or more of Scotland's many lochs, visiting some of it’s famous castles, camping in the highlands and of course visiting a whisky distillery. There are plenty of areas in the country where you can park up in the countryside and make camp, free of charge. Just remember to make sure that if you are out in the middle of nowhere that you have everything you need, fully charged batteries and leave the area as you found it. Wild camping is one of the best ways to experience and being a cheap alternative to fancy campsites means you can save your vacation budget for other activities and great food!