RV Rental in England

With its beautiful nature, quaint villages and pleasant country lanes RV rental in England can be the perfect way to see what the country has to offer. The English have an acute fondness for camping and touring vacations, which has resulted in a near limitless selection of campsites for those vacationing in a rental to park up at. Whether you want to rent a huge top of the line RV or a cheap and cheerful, lovingly converted campervan for hire Goboony has all the selection you need!

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We just got back from a simply wonderful long weekend in this beautiful van. I will try to cover the details in this review, but the overarching thing to say is that having been our first experience of renting a van like this, Jaime and Michael made the whole process extremely smooth, personal and professional. You are in both safe and warm hands with them when renting this awesome vehicle. The first thing to mention is just how beautiful the van itself is. It is somehow far more stunning to the naked eye than on pictures where it's already a beaut. The small tasteful details internally add a lot too. We were given thorough and clear instructions to all parts of the van including many camping utilities before departing, as well as a small guided ride to get to grips with things. Being first time drivers of a Bully, this was really appreciated. Any areas which may have felt a bit of a mystery beforehand were no longer after the intro. We took the van around beautiful Zeeland for the days, so drove around a fair distance. We experienced exactly zero problems with the van, it was a smooth ride the whole way. It's clear the van has been kept very well over the years. While driving around, we had a number of fun and wholesome interactions with people as we passed by in the van. I think it brings a smile to a lot of people's faces, and these moments were really special. Last but not least, Jaime and Mike were absolutely fantastic to deal with from the very first interaction in booking, through to the final goodbye and signing off of the van. Clear, concise whilst warm, friendly and helpful. We could not have asked for better renters for this experience, for which we can only be super thankful. It's an awesome van, allows beautiful memories to be created, owned by two of the nicest people you will meet. 100/10 experience.

April 2024

Why rent an RV in England?

England is much larger than you’d expect, driving from top to bottom would take approximately 7 hours if you never stopped! But this wouldn’t be any fun, as a vacation is about the journey, not just the destination. So get an RV to make this journey awesome, and explore England entirely. Enjoy the comforts of RV rental, able to cook meals, pack anything you like and head anywhere you want. You get the full freedom to explore, and can decide how long you stay in each destination. An RV will provide you with privacy, but you can still enjoy the social nature of campsites in England.

Where to go in England?

One of the great things about RV rental in England is that you can really get around and see much of the country in a relatively short vacation! To drive from one end of the country to the other can be done in under one day (we recommend taking it a lot slower and enjoying plenty of stops along the way. One of the must sees if you are in the Midlands is the Lake district. There are plenty of gorgeous campsites immersed in nature and although summer can be a very popular time of year, there is so much to do that you will be able to find the perfect activity and space for yourselves. Lake Windermere is a famous lake in the area and is surrounded by mountain peaks and gorgeous little English villages.

Things to do England

England is home to countless great festivals with longstanding world renowned ones such as Glastonbury and Isle of Wight Festival being joined by new ones every year. Most festivals in England have campsites in the festival itself, meaning that you can add some live music and revelry to your trip. Festival season in the UK spans from around the middle of May, all the way to September and is a real boon to campervan hire in England. In recent years most festivals have adapted to the rising popularity of getting a rental RV to take to a festival and have increased the size of campsites on the festival grounds. If festivals aren’t really your thing, and you want something to do with a bit more cultural heritage, England is home to many medieval castles, churches and cities that make for wonderful day trips. Most of the castles are quite cheap to visit and some even have optional donations. You may also become a member of the English Heritage trust for a month, which gives you free access to 400 historic sites all over the Country including museums and other historically significant sites. Whatever you get up to in England remember above all else to drive on the left wrong side of the road and you’ll get along swimmingly!