6 berth Chausson London - Romford

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Class Family
Fuel Type Diesel
Sleeps Sleeps 6
Seat belt places 6 Seats with seatbelts


6 Berth
Chausson 646 & 656
Overall length 6.35m-6.90m (excluding Bike Rack)
Overall width 2.53m
Internal width 2.12m
Overall height 3.05m (Clearance required 350cm)
Engine 2.2i Litre
Diesel Mass in running order 2764kg
Maximum permitted mass 3500kg
Passengers up to 6
Rear bed approx. 205 x136 cm
Middle bed 200 x 45 cm

Grill Living room battery Ah (20 h) K 20 (6)
Cooker rings 3
Forced air heating
Fresh water supply 127 litres
Waste water tank 106 litres

The Motorhome

Driving licence B
First registration in 2019


  • Airconditioning home area
  • Awning
  • Bike carrier
  • Camping table and chairs
  • Gas cylinder
  • Heating
  • Hot water
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Linens
  • Refrigerator
  • Shower
  • Solar panel
  • Toilet
  • TV
  • TV receiver
  • Airconditioning in cabin
  • Cruise Control
  • GPS
  • Power Steering
  • Reversing camera
  • Roof rack
  • Towbar

House Rules

  • Smoking Allowed: No
  • Pets Allowed: Yes
  • Going Abroad Allowed: No
  • Wintersport Allowed: Yes
  • Festivals Allowed: Yes
  • Minimum Age Restriction: 25 years

Our insurer requires that the deposit and deductible (£2,000) be paid directly to the advertiser (to ensure clear and traceable payment) and not to Goboony. Goboony is not liable for any dealings with the deposit. You can still use the Goboony Excess Insurance product, but the deposit must still be paid to us in full and an extra deposit of £150 has to be paid to Goboony. Any claim against the deposit will be dealt with by us first, after which you can make a claim on your Excess Insurance via Goboony.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. We are happy to clarify anything, please just ask.

1. Hire Charges
Hire rates quoted at the time of Booking include:
Unlimited Mileage
Roadside Assistance *Cover dependant on membership/warranty status/manufacturer our Company Hires include roadside assistance to cover any mechanical faults. Any call out charges relating to hirer or driver error including but not limited to, the wrong fuel, insufficient fuel or Adblu, clutch burnout, improper user of the handbrake, lost keys, flat battery, etc will be the responsibility of the Hirer.
Handover session prior to hire
Kitchen equipment
Electric Hook-up cable
Extendable water hose *Motorhomes only
Standard £2000 excess
UK Camping & Caravan Club Privilege Club membership
Up to 2 family pets
Gas bottle with variable amount of gas after system testing *Please note we do not provide a Full Gas Bottle at the start of the Hire*
Optional Extras:
*All optional extra products and deposits including; Security Deposit and Insurance Excess deposit are required to be paid in full at least 7 working days prior to the hire collection date*

Full Cover - includes Excess Reduction, Special Protection and Additional Driver at a reduced rate = £45 per night capped at 14 nights *Includes one additional driver only in this package
Excess reduction - reduces standard liability from £2000 to £250 = £30 per night capped at 14 nights
Special protection reduces tyres, windscreen and wingmirror excess to zero (not included in Excess Reduction) = £15 per night capped at 14 nights
Additional Driver = £10 per night per driver capped at 14 nights
Car parking at the Depot = £10 per night capped at 14 nights * The Hirer understands that their vehicle is left at their own risk. We will not be liable for any damage caused to the Hirer’s vehicle
Toilet chemical tabs = £2 per night
Child seat (1 size available 0-3 baby to booster) = £10 per rental
Camping furniture (outdoor table and chairs)
2 Berth includes 1 table and 2 chairs = £20 per rental
6 Berth includes 1 table and up to 6 chairs = £40 per rental
Endorsements on UK licences (max 6 points) = £5 per endorsement per night per driver. * If you have any conviction codes other than SP, please contact us as these may prevent us from obtaining insurance cover.

2. Payments
The Booking fee is £250 or equivalent to the total Vehicle Hire Charge if less than £250 which is payable at the time of making the Booking and is non-refundable. A Booking is only binding when confirmed by an email from us and the Booking Fee paid. Our terms and conditions and cancellation policy apply from this point forwards.

Payment of the remaining Vehicle Hire Charge is due six weeks prior to the collection date of the Motorhome. If the Booking is made within six weeks of travel the full Vehicle Hire Charge is due at the time of booking.

We reserve the right to cancel the booking if payment is not received six weeks prior to departure, in this event no refunds will be due to the Hirer.

3. Cancellations & Refunds
The Booking of a Vehicle hire online is protected, in part, by the distance selling regulations that protects and provides the Hirer with UK consumer rights. However, Motorhome hire is considered the same as booking for services such as car hire, booking a flight or theatre tickets, meaning it is exempt from the distance selling regulation protection that entitles the Hirer to a 7-day cooling off period. Therefore, once the Booking is confirmed by us there is no entitlement to a refund if the Hirer subsequently cancels.

If you cancel prior to receiving confirmation of the booking, you are entitled to a full refund. The refund amount is all payments made up to the cancellation date and is paid up to 28 working days after notification of the cancellation in writing.

Cancellation charges
More than 6 weeks before the commencement of the hire = £250 booking fee
6 - 3 weeks = 50% of the total hire charge
3 weeks - day of hire = 100% of the total hire charge
A no show is deemed as a same day cancellation. The booking will be cancelled and all hire charges will be forfeited. We cannot postpone or transfer money from one booking to another for a no show.
4. Booking Amendments
On completion of a Booking the Rental Period, Vehicle, Destination and Collection Depot are deemed to be confirmed.

In the unlikely event that the Motorhome originally booked cannot be supplied we reserve the right to substitute it for a comparable vehicle to that booked. If the daily rental cost of the substituted vehicle is higher than the original hire charge then no additional charges will be levied on the hire. If the daily rental cost of the substituted vehicle is lower than the original hire charge then a refund of the difference will be given. Substitution of the Motorhome does not entitle the Hirer to any refund nor does it constitute a breach of this agreement. If the Hirer does not accept the replacement vehicle offered, the Booking will be deemed cancelled and clause 3 will apply. If no replacement vehicle can be offered by us, the booking will be cancelled and the Hirer will be refunded in full, in this instance the Hirer is not entitled to claim any consequential losses incurred from us.

If the Hirer wishes to change the motorhome, pick-up dates, pick-up location, we will try to accommodate the request. If the daily rental cost of the substituted vehicle is higher than the original hire charge then the Hirer will pay the increased charges. If the daily rental cost of the substituted vehicle is lower than the original hire charge then no refund will be given. Any changes made by the Hirer are subject to an administration fee of £35.00 per charge.

We may extend the Rental Period at the request of the Hirer subject to availability. The Hirer will pay additional charges incurred as an additional payment prior to the commencement of extension of hire. In the event of an agreed and paid for extension the new date agreed for the return of the Vehicle shall then become the revised for the Rental Period

5. Eligibility, Proof of Identification and Driving Licences
Confirmation of the Booking will be sent to the Hirer by email. A subsequent administration process will be completed to accurately process the Booking and provide the adequate level of insurance cover for the Rental Period.

The Hirer is required to provide the Company with Identification documents and documentation for each Driver named on the Booking as requested both during the online administration process and also when collecting the vehicle. The Company cannot release the vehicle without these items being present. Identification documents required are:

Hirer Identification
1 item of proof of residential ID of the Hirer and all named drivers matching the address stated on the Booking (utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement) dated within 3 months of hire

Driver Identification
Valid driving licence for each Driver (Non-UK drivers will also require a copy of a valid passport)
Valid DVLA check code for each Driver (Not applicable for Non-UK driver)

The Hirer will notify the Company of any changes to any of the above identification prior to Rental Period. Failure to do so could invalidate the Vehicle Insurance.

We reserve the right to cancel the hire if, at the commencement of hire, the Drivers’ licences are invalid or not in accordance with the required conditions or if insurance is declined for any reason.

We reserve the right to decline hire to any person at any time without reason.

We reserve the right to vary the conditions of Booking at any time, prior to the Hirer final acceptance of the contract.

By signing to accept these terms, the Hirer confirms that the information he has given is true, complete and correct, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and undertakes to inform us of any changes thereto immediately.

The Hirer agrees that he or she is responsible for all costs, expenses and fines (including parking and congestion violations) which may be incurred during the Rental Period as a result of a breach of any Road Traffic laws, except where the breach is due to the fault of us. *Each individual violation is subject to an admin fee of £50

6. Collection and Return of the Motorhome
The hirer agrees and understands that the motorhome collection time is usually 1500 on the day of collection.
A Pre-Hire Inspection of the motorhome will be carried out at the time of collection. The Hirer or Driver is advised to inspect the vehicle themselves before they sign the Pre-Hire Inspection.
The Hirer agrees and understands that the motorhome return time is usually 0900 on the final day of the Rental Period. We have a strict no late return policy.

Should the unauthorised late return of the vehicle make we liable for extra costs (e.g. compensation for the next hirer), we reserve the right to pass on these costs to the Hirer and deduct from the deposit.

No refund is given for the early return of the motorhome.

All returned motorhomes must be returned undamaged, with the same or a higher fuel level when collected, empty waste water and toilet cassette, all rubbish and personal belongings removed and the interior clean and in the same condition as when collected *Failure to comply with this clause will incur additional costs.

Please note, there are no facilities at any of our depots for emptying toilet cassettes, so MUST be emptied prior to return. Any applicable charges due following the Post-Hire Inspection will be deducted from the Security Deposit prior to the refund being made. Should the charges exceed the amount of the Security Deposit the Hirer will be liable to pay the additional amount within 7 days of the Company notifying the Hirer.

The return of the motorhome will be confirmed by the Post-Hire Inspection signed by the Hirer and us. If a full Post-Hire Inspection has not been possible the Hirer will be able to view any additional charges on their Customer Page. Hirers are advised to inspect the motorhome upon return in the presence of a our employee.

It may be possible to collect the motorhome early, requests should be sent to customer service email and will be confirmed or declined by us via email to the Hirer. If confirmed, additional charges may apply.

Unapproved or non-returns of the motorhome will incur additional costs.

The Hirer is responsible for the care and security of the vehicle for the duration of the Rental Period and agrees to return the Motorhome to us in the same condition as the Pre-Hire Inspection. The Hirer will be liable for any costs and charges for relating to additional damage caused during the Rental Period as per Clause 14.

7. Other Charges

Valeting fee *For any reason = £200
Toilet cassette not emptied and sanitised = £200
Waste water not emptied = £50
Any evidence of smoking*Including smell = £500
Refuelling = £30 fee plus £3.00 per litre *Per litre charge is subject to market fluctuation
Admin fee for processing damage *Per damage = £50
Late return after 11am = £100 plus the full daily rate (plus any additional costs incurred by us for late collection of the next Hirer)
The cost of any damage to the Vehicle or third-party property, subject to the standard insurance or excess reduction cover, are subject to an additional administration charge of £50

All parking fines, penalty fees and notices are subject to an additional administration charge of £50
Any additional costs over and above the security deposit value should damages exceed the insurance deposit value
We reserve the right to recover full costs in the case of gross negligence to return the motorhome to its original state.

8. Insurance
The Vehicle Hire Charge includes Vehicle Insurance subject to full and accurate information and documentation as per clause 2. Payments, for the Hirer and for each named Driver.

The Vehicle is insured for the Rental Period only. Unauthorised late return of the vehicle will invalidate the Vehicle Insurance and will be classified as an offence under the Road Traffic Act. The Hirer is responsible for any consequences of driving an uninsured vehicle.

Excess Reduction is available for eligible drivers reducing the insurance standard excess of £2000 to £250.

Except in the instances listed below, where the hirer accepts full liability for costs:
Overhead cab damage
Gross Negligence
Any internal damage
Associated Damage Costs
Windscreen wingmirror and tyre damage – Unless Special Protection (SP) is purchased
Fresh water tank or fuel tank/adblu tank contamination

The insurance excess applies in respect of each separate insurable damage claim during the Rental Period.

If the Hirer chooses to not take out an excess reduction, then an Insurance Excess deposit of £2000 and security deposit of £250 (total £2250) must be paid no later than 7 working days prior to the Rental Period.

If any named Driver for the rental is not eligible for Excess Reduction then by definition Excess Reduction cannot be applied to the rental for all Drivers

Insurance cover cannot be provided unless the Final Payment is made. The Company reserves the right to cancel the Booking if the Final Payment is not received 7 working days prior to the Rental Period. In these circumstances the Company reserves the right to recover any costs or losses from any payments previously received.

Should these Terms and Conditions not be adhered to, the Excess Reduction will be void and the Hirer will be liable for all charges relating to any damage arising during the period of hire.

Optional extras can only be purchased prior to commencement of the Rental Period currently but we reserve the right to extend these products to be sold in Branch on the day of collection.

Insurance surcharges are based on the Driver information provided prior to the Rental Period.

Note: *At the time of publishing these Terms & Conditions, but subject to changes* Insurance can be provided for drivers between the ages of 25-74. Insurance cannot be provided for drivers with more than 9 current driving endorsement points or drivers who have held a licence for under 2 years. All drivers are subject to be reviewed by our insurers before approval.

Incidents must be reported to the Company within 24 hours or Excess Reduction cover will be voided and no refund will be due.

The Vehicle Insurance policy excess is £2000 in respect of each and every Incident resulting in damage to the Vehicle, the hirer shall pay to the Company an amount up to the appropriate excess on such Vehicle Insurance, towards or in settlement of the cost of making good any such damage on a full indemnity basis and the cost and expenses incurred by the Company in proceeding to recover the same from any Third Party.

9. Excess Deposit & Security Deposit
The Excess Deposit and Security Deposit will be held by the Company and refunded within 28 working days after the Rental Period providing there is agreement by the Hirer to any post-hire charges to the Deposits, refunds may take longer in the event of any non-standard post hire charges arising.

The Hirer irrevocably authorises us to deduct from Deposits any amounts due to us, arising out of this agreement.

In the event that damages and charges exceed the amount of the Security Deposit the outstanding balance becomes due 7 working days following notification of the charges by us.

The Security Deposit will be refunded less any non-insured costs and any upfront costs not paid within 28 days of the return date.

10. Travel Outside the UK
We do not allow any vehicle to be taken out of the UK and therefore invalidates the motorhome insurance if taken abroad. In the event it is discovered that the motorhome has been taken out of the UK during the hire, we will report the vehicle stolen to the authorities and request the immediate return of the motorhome and the hirer will forfeit their full security deposit and will not therefore be entitled to a refund.

11. Conditions and Limitations on Use
The Hirer Agrees to:
protect the interests of the Company and the Company’s Insurers by ensuring the Vehicle is always locked and windows closed when unattended and the keys are secure.
to drive only on a maintained public highway, private road or driveway;
not carry more passengers than the seatbelt capacity of the vehicle or allow the vehicle to be overloaded;
not operate vehicle or permit the vehicle to be operated in any way that would violate this contract, including but not limited to carrying passengers or goods for hire or reward;
not to participate in motor sport events;
not to propel or tow any vehicle or trailer;
not to allow any person to drive when unfit through drink or drugs or with blood alcohol concentration above the limit prescribed for the time being by Road Traffic Legislation;
not to violate any law, ordinance or regulation;
not to allow any person to drive under authority of any licence other than his own;
not to drive in a reckless or imprudent manner.
not to allow any other person to drive other than those Driver’s named on Booking

In the interests of security and safety, all Motorhomes are fitted with a tracker.

A Motorhome is unstable over 70 mph. The Hirer may be charged £100 per night when this limit is exceeded.

12. Road Toll Fees, parking and other fines
The Hirer is responsible for all Road Tolls & Congestion fee’s. The Hirer is advised to pay these in advance of the journey.

Non-payment of Road Toll fees will incur a charge being added to the Booking to the equivalent of the original fee, any fines imposed and an administration fee of £50 per notification of non-payment received by the company.

All parking, road-traffic or other legal violations are subject to a minimum £50 administration fee. If required, the relevant details relating to the hire will be given to the necessary authorities.

13. Problems, Incidents and Accidents
We will carry out a full inspection prior to each hire and the hirer will be shown how to operate the systems in the motorhome. Should an onboard system fail during the Rental Period, we will use best endeavours to remedy the problem but in some circumstances this may not be possible, in this instance we cannot be held responsible and will not refund any monies nor have any obligation to provide a replacement motorhome.

We cannot and will not be held responsible in the event of any damage or inconvenience caused by weather, for example freezing conditions, flooding, etc. This is the responsibility of the hirer and any damage will be subject to being charged to the hirer.

Should you experience any difficulties with the operation of the Vehicle during the Rental Period, please contact the relevant roadside assistance company as per the details provided in the Motorhome.

We shall have sole right and responsibility to repair the Vehicle. The Hirer is authorised to request emergency repairs up to the value of £50. Repairs costing in excess of £50 must be authorised by the Company prior to the work being undertaken.

In the event of an Incident that results in damage to the Vehicle or the involvement of a Third Party, the Hirer must report the Incident details to us within 24 hours of the Vehicle being damaged and complete and deliver to us the relevant Incident report within 4 working days of receiving the Incident report form from us.

The Hirer shall pay or reimburse us against all losses, liabilities, costs, actions, claims or demands which it may incur or have brought or made against them in relation to the Vehicle or its use and which are not recoverable under a policy of insurance whether the same is affected by The Company or Hirer;

The Hirer is responsible for the full cost of making good any damage to the vehicle caused deliberately, by improper use or by an act of negligence.

In the event of insurable damage not being indemnified with ER, the following charges may apply:
A minimum administration charge of 10% of the total costs associated with the repair costs.
The prevailing daily hire rate (maximum 7 nights per Incident) plus other associated charges, if applicable, transfer to warranty approved repairing garage and for the time incurred by the repairing garage to carry out the required repairs arising from an Incident, even if an account is forwarded to a third party.
Hirer will be liable for associated administrative fees, plus loss of revenue at the prevailing daily hire rate (max 5 days), transfer to warranty approved repairing garage and storage fees.
If Vehicle is stolen the Hirer should report to us immediately upon detection. It should also be reported to the Police immediately and a crime reference number should be obtained and provided to us.
The Vehicle Insurance does not cover personal items or losses. We shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses. The Hirer is advised to take out personal travel insurance cover prior to the Rental Period.
If any damage is due to negligence of the Hirer, the Hirer will be liable for the Insurance Excess liability, administrative fees, plus loss of revenue at the prevailing daily rate (max 5 days), diminishment of value, towing, transfer to warranty approved repairing garage, storage, impound fees. In such cases the Security Deposit shall be forfeited.
If Hirer breaches this agreement, Hirer agrees to cease using Vehicle and to pay all expenses incurred by us in returning Vehicle to the rental collection point.

14. Damages NOT covered by standard excess £2000 or optional Excess Reduction
At the commencement of hire a full inspection with photographs which will show any existing damage to the motorhome, the hirer is responsible for checking that any pre-existing damage is recorded.

On return of the motorhome a post hire inspection will be carried out and should any new damage be found the charges will be the responsibility of the hirer. The damages listed below are NOT included in the standard excess or optional Excess Reduction cover. The hirer is liable for the full cost of non-insurable damages

Over-head, under side of vehicle, habitation door and step damage, incurs unlimited costs of repair to make good
Wing mirror (casing). Damage to the wing mirror casing, incurs a replacement fee of £450
Wing mirror (glass). Damage to the wing mirror glass, incurs a replacement fee of £99
Wing mirror lens. Damage to the wing mirror lens, incurs a replacement fee of £45
Tyre puncture replacement incurs a replacement fee of £250
Wheel damage refurbishment incurs a fee of £99
Wheel replacement incurs a replacement fee of £250
Windscreen damage incurs a replacement fee of £600
Damage incurred to Hire vehicle or 3rd party during a reversing manoeuvre full cost of repair to Hire vehicle and 3rd party vehicle

15. Damage charges on standard excess £2000, (these items would be covered by Excess Reduction and therefore capped at £250 per item if Excess Reduction was purchased by the Hirer)

Exterior running light. Exterior running light that are missing or damaged, incurs a replacement fee of £45 per running light.
Window damage. Cracked or damaged window incurs a replacement fee of £349 per window.
Habitation window (scratches). Scratched or scarred Habitation window incurs a repair fee of £45 per window.
Habitation body marks (dinks, scuffs & light scratches). Marks to the habitation body, incur repair fee of £45 per dint, scuff or scratch.
Flyscreen replacement of £250
Skylight replacement. Skylight window damage incurs a replacement fee of £399 per skylight window
Skylight mechanism damage. Skylight window winding mechanism damage incurs a replacement fee of £99 per skylight window.
Skylight blind damage. Skylight window blind damage incurs a replacement fee of £99 per skylight window.
Light clusters. Damage to rear Light cluster are subject to a replacement charge of £349
Light or indicator replacement fee of £75
Side marker of £45
Wheel Arch. Damage to wheel arch incurs a replacement fee of £249
Luton Leg charge. Damage to Luton Leg incurs a replacement fee of £650
Front or rear Bumper replacement fee of £450
Vent flue cover, requires full replacement fee of £99
Hob and sink glass replacement fee of £99
All punctures to the bodywork will incur full excess liability £2000 (standard) £250 (Excess Reduction).
All/any Interior (habitation) damages including:
Table damage. Damage to the tabletop, leg or hinge are subject to a replacement table charge of £199
Interior lights. Broken or damaged interior lights are subject to a £50 replacement charge per light.
Interior scrapes and scuffs. Flooring, doors work surfaces, cupboards, shelves, seating and bed structure, and interior walls found with scuffs or scratches are subject to a £45 repair charge for each.
Upholstery damage, curtains, blinds & nets charged at £100 per item
Appliances, including but not limited to, taps, heater, electrics, fridge, grill, hob will all be charged at cost of replacement new for old up to full excess liability £2000 (standard) £250 (Excess reduction).
Floor damage leading to replacement charge £500
All damage sustained to driver cab will be assessed on an individual basis. Hirer is liable for the full cost of repair up to standard insurance policy excess of £2000.
Damage not itemised on Exterior damages or Interior damages list, charged at the cost of replacement parts & labour @ £60 per hour.
Time Off Road Fee. All damages are subject to a time off road fee. The time off road fee is charged at a daily rate of £95 per day + VAT and is for the loss of revenue attributed to repair time. Depending on the extent of the damages, the time off road fee is added to the final charge applied. The minimum time off road is 0.5 days. The maximum time off road is 5 days.
Associated Damage Costs charged at the prevailing rate.
16. Complaints Procedure
Complaints should be submitted by email to customer service to be received by us as soon as possible to allow an effective investigation to ensue. Acknowledgement of complaints will be sent within 5 working days.

As a customer centric Company we respectfully request that the Hirer gives us the chance to resolve any complaint prior to writing a Trust Pilot review so that we have a chance to resolve any issues or complaints prior to the review being written.

17. Governing Law
This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of UK. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the UK Courts.

18. Property Left at Hirers Risk
All property left in motorhomes at hirers own risk. Our company accepts no responsibility for recovering property.


  • Motorhome Insurance: Included
  • Security Deposit: £2,000
  • Breakdown Cover: National


  • Weekly mileage limit: Unlimited
  • Cleaning Fee: £0

Cancellation Policy


  • Pickup Time: 3:00 PM
  • Return Time: 10:30 AM
  • 3 nights minimum

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