Who Are The Renters?

July 31, 2017 in Tips for Owners and Tips for Renting Out

You decide who is traveling with your motorhome!

We ask renters to verify themselves, and also to give some information so you don’t feel like it’s a complete stranger. We also use systems such as Facebook and Google+ to see who is using the platform. Not only this, but there are (we hope) reviews on each profile so that you have an idea of the quality of tenant.

Renters are people from all walks of life. A young family off on an exciting new type of affordable holiday, or an older couple looking for quiet and calm. Perhaps, it's a young couple seeking a new adventure! It's tough to pinpoint exactly who will hire your motorhome, which in a way is what we think makes it such a beautiful holiday. It has something for everybody!

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Afterwards, the tenant will also leave a review of you and your camper. This review will appear on your ad page. Good reviews mean more rental requests. Make sure your tenants are happy to come back!

After the rental is completed, you both have the option to review. Naturally, a good review on your listing will only boost future rentals!

Accepting A Request

You will, of course, remain in control of your camper. You choose who you want to rent the camper yourself. A traveler's profile helps you decide. Respond to requests as quickly as possible, which also helps your profile as a landlord.

Payments via Goboony

Goboony manages the payments for you. We do this to protect both the tenant and the landlord. Once the traveler has paid, the booking is final. If the key transfer has expired, we will refund the rent to you.