Visit Spain with a Motorhome

January 23, 2018 in Destinations and Spain

Motorhome Trips in Spain

Spain is the country of tapas, sangria, flamenco and long warm summer nights. For many Brits this is good reason to make a trip through Spain by motorhome. Spain is rich in culture. Each region has its own culinary specialties, perfect for dining with stunning scenic backdrops. By travelling by motorhome, visiting different regions becomes easy, so you can stroll along the Ramblas in Barcelona, admire Sevilla’s architecture and flamenco dancers, and enjoy the mouth-watering food for which San Sebastian is famous. The country offers enough for making multiple motorhome trips, each with a new route.

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For more inspiration, you can purchase a motorhome guidebook. These guidebooks contain tips for motorhoming abroad, as well as lists of motorhome aires and campsites. We’ll highlight three routes worth considering.

Our first suggested starting point is San Sebastian, from which you can travel to Madrid and Toledo to Córdoba. You’ll cross the inner country, and in the span of 1 to 2 weeks you’ll travel approximately 750 miles. 

The second route starts in Cadaquès, close to which the renowned surrealist artist Salvador Dalí lived and painted many of his works. From there, you can travel along the coast to Barcelona and València to Áquilas, on the border of Andalusia. In 1 to 2 weeks, you’ll clock about 600 miles. 

Finally, our third route crosses through the middle of Andalusia, in which you can visit Granada, Ronda, Sevilla and Córdoba. A fascinating route that takes you across around 800 miles of beautiful Spain. Make sure to set enough time apart for going on this trip, since you’ll have plenty to do for about 4 to 6 weeks.

On these routes you can stop in big cities where you can easily spend a couple of days. Especially Madrid and Barcelona have a lot to offer and are cities you need to visit sometime in your life. Toledo may be less famous, but rightfully bears the nickname ‘historic heart of Spain’. The city has a rich history in which both the Moors and the catholic kings of Spain play important roles. The cities in Andalusia are all as pretty and eccentric, with Ronda being one of the lesser known. Ronda is dubbed the ‘split city’ because of a big gorge cutting through the middle of the city. It’s situated in one of the most beautiful mountain sceneries of Spain and is sandwiched between two extraordinary natural reserves: Cabo de Gata in the East and Coto Doñana in the West. 

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Motorhome Campsites in Spain

There are plenty of motorhome stopovers and campsites in Spain. We have listed what our top 3 are below:

#1 Parking Los Verdes

Parking Los Verdes is owned by two Karen and Peter [ommit that they’re Dutch. They could be English by the sound of their names]. They’ve received a 9.6 rating from the website Campercontact. Their campsite features many amenities and is close to the small village La Marina, where you can do shopping. In the summer you can go for a splash in the campsite swimming pool, and there are many biking and hiking trails in the neighbourhood to stretch your legs.

#2 Finca Poc a Poc

Finca Poc a Poc is situated near the village of Mas de Barberans. It is an eco-friendly location scattered with olive trees looking out on the national park Els Ports. The owners are very warm and welcoming, and campercontact lists many praising reviews. This unique location has been given a 9.5 and only costs you €9.50 a night.

#3 Atalaia Camper Park

Atalaia Camper Park is close to San Martino. In this city you can find the oldest cathedral in Spain. You can rent a bicycle for free to explore the beautiful surroundings of the city. The camping site offers freshly baked bread every morning and offers all the comfort you need. At only 600 meters from the camping site you’ll find a beautiful beach. This camping site receives a 9.4 rating on Campercontact.

Would you like to explore Spain by motorhome, travelling along one of these beautiful routes? Hire a motorhome from Goboony and treat yourself to tapas, sangria and an abundance of Spanish sun. If you return home with an amazing motorhome travel story, help others by letting us know and we’ll add it to this list! #LETSGOSPAIN