Top 10 UK Food Events 2023

August 30, 2022 in Destinations, United Kingdom & Events and Festivals

As exciting as cultural events, music shows, theater plays or art exhibitions can be, there is nothing quite like food events. A really cool experience during which you also get to taste the most delicious food or drinks? Yes, please! Since most big and exciting food events happen only once a year, it’s always good to plan ahead so you don’t miss out - your taste buds will thank you. Here is a list of the 10 coolest, most unique food events happening in the UK in 2023!

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1. Great British Beer Festival (August 2nd-6th)

Are you a connoisseur or simply enjoy a beer after work or on a warm day? Whichever it is, you will definitely have a great time at this festival, where you can expect to find over 800 different beers. Though you will most likely not get to taste them all, the organisers prepare tastings and talks, so that attendees can find exactly the beer they’ve been looking for all of their since-legal-drinking-age lives! 

2. Newlyn Fish Festival in Cornwall (TBA)

This festivity is the largest in the UK, and next to the possibility to try tasty fish-based dishes, it offers a large fish auction alongside a music stage with many great artists. On top all this, a Lugger Rowing Championship takes place during the festivities!

3. Clitheroe Food Festival (TBA)

This amazing festival has free entry and will include over 100 local exhibitors that will come together to share the culinary treasures of the region, from craft beers to organic meat or home-grown vegetables. Apart from local cuisine, food stands and food trucks with authentic street food, you can also expect informative displays explaining the history of the region and the importance of local sourced foods for the community. This food festival will be an experience full of delicious treats, live music and interesting talks. 

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4. Clitheroe Food Festival (TBA)

1350 suppliers from 111 different countries. Yes, that’s right! If you ever wondered what food and drink paradise looks like, look no further. This event is a goldmine for mouth-watering treats. There is a big focus on innovation and global products, so get ready to experience food like you never did before. Located at the ExCeL in London, it will not be difficult to find. Just remember to come hungry. 

5. London Coffee Festival (31 March - 3 April)

This one is for all the coffee lovers (and addicts). From the 28th of March for four days straight, the best baristas from all around the UK will convene at the Old Truman Brewery in London to prepare delicious coffee-based beverages for thousands of caffeine-loving Londoners. From a simple espresso to the most elaborate coffee based cocktail, there will be something for everyone, with the backdrop of mellow music and many excited coffee maniacs! The London Coffee Festival is definitely one to put in your agenda and enjoy to the max. Watch some videos from 2018 to get you in the mood here!

6. Truck Festival in Oxfordshire (22-24 July)

Who doesn’t love food truck festivals? Naturally, we’ve got a sweet spot for them here at Goboony, as they combine our beloved campervans with delicious food and drinks! From the many food truck festivals around, this one in Oxfordshire is definitely a must. The idea behind this festival is amazing concerts (think George Ezra or Jake Bugg) combined with delicious food and camping grounds. This is definitely one to bring your rented campervan to and enjoy some chill tunes while munching on a steak sandwich or a vegan tortilla. Everyone will find exactly what they need here

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7. English Wine Week (18 - 26 June)

A week full of wines from all over Great Britain, open to everyone from wine enthusiasts to professional winemakers. This initiative aims to inspire and inform about the world of wine and, of course, allow you to enjoy the best wines there are. To find out more, have a read through their website to see exactly what about this event excited you.

8. Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival (24 - 26 June)

This beautiful festival, situated in the Montpellier Gardens of Cheltenham, is the perfect place for a relaxed afternoon. Not only do you get to taste wonderful food and drink homemade lemonades, cocktails or wines from all around Europe, a big part of this festival are informative talks and exhibits on subjects from beekeeping to olive oil! 

9. Pommery Dorset Seafood Festival (10-11 September)

This festival is definitely one not to miss! With stands all around the Weymouth Harbour in Dorset, it will include many fishermen and professionals, who will be more than happy to allow you to experience seafood in a way you never did before. You can expect delicious treats fresh out of the water and many different talks and cooking classes. The perfect place to spend a day roaming around and enjoying tasty food and beautiful scenery. 

10. International Cheese Show (TBA)

Who doesn’t love cheese? If you are someone who enjoys a slice of Gouda on your toast in the morning, some parmesan on pasta for lunch and later a Four Cheeses Pizza for dinner, this is definitely the place for you. This event showcases 4000 cheeses from 24 countries across the globe and only keeps growing each year.

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Hopefully all food lovers will find at least one event that is perfect for them and will enjoy these wonderful and delicious experiences. So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now before they’re sold out, book a campervan with Goboony for those days and start getting excited for the best culinary experience of your life alongside a great adventure. Bon appétit!