Top 10 Destinations in Italy

February 23, 2017 in Destinations

Oh, Italy *sighs*. What a beautiful country. With your romantic streets, delicious coffees, heavenly beaches, retro Vespa’s, haute couture, Super Mario and let us not forget your amazing pizza’s. Italy is a very popular travel destination for motorhome holidays. So we decided it was time to share our thoughts on some of the best places to visit in Italy. Enjoy!

#1 Florence

The capital of Tuscany and widely considered to be the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence really does warrant a visit. The city is a registered UNESCO world heritage site for its many historical buildings and beautiful waterfronts. Take a tour down the Arno river or visit the Uffizi, you won't be disappointed. 
Goboony Florence Italy tourism river beautiful

#2 The Dolomites

This incredible mountain range is situated in the North East of the country. Please, don’t forget your hiking shoes, because you’re going to need them. The range has something for the adventurous all year round. The skiing season 

goboony blogs Italy tourism mountain dolomites motorhome

#3 Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre translates to 'five lands'. due to what we can only assume is a coincidence as sheer as some of those cliffs. Cinque Terre is an small area of five municipalities near the coast of Liguria. The winding streets that work their way from the quaint buildings to the beautiful clear sea. In keeping with much of Italy, this place is like walking through a post card.

Goboony Italy Cinque Terre cliffs sea holiday

#4 Trapani

Trapani is a very romantic village situated on the coast in the north east of Sicily. The Palazza Cavaretta and the salines should be on your ToDo-list (but hey, it's your holiday, so do as you please)!

Goboony Trapani seaside cliffs holiday village


#5 Orta San Giulio

A small village in the province of Novara. Note the road in the picture below (seriously don't forget those hiking boots). 

Goboony Italy Orta San Giulio streets beautiful

#6 Portofino

Portofino is a small village located on the Italian Riveira. Just because it’s small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Just look at how flamboyant those villas are! And please believe us, it’s even better in real life. The harbor of Portofino is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful ports in Europe.

Goboony Portofino colours villas beautiful port lagoon

#7 Puglia

We don’t want to say too much about Puglia (it’s still fairly undiscovered!). In fact we don't know that it has fantastic beaches, delicious food and friendly locals, so I really wouldn't bother.

Goboony Puglia Italy holiday rocks sea blue

#8 Spello

Very small and romantic village in the middle of Italy. If you’re in love you should definitely go there. If not, come here anyway and that will probably change.

Goboony Italy Spello Streets Flowers colourful quaint

#9 Airole

Everyone here at Goboony loves food. Like, really loves food. So if we suggest a place you can visit because of the food, it has to be good. Also, very beautiful landscapes to enjoy whilst eating.

Goboony Italy Airole bridge river beautiful nature

#10 Furore

Furore is a town and comune in the province of Salerno. Very lovely little italian place. You can see great murals and exemplary Romansque decorations everywhere.

Goboony Italy Furore hidden beach tourism scenic

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