Tips for Traffic Jams

July 28, 2017 in Tips for Travellers and Travel and Camping Hacks

One of the worst bits of a holiday in a motorhome, can be traffic jams. However, with these tips, we hope you’ll make the best of it!

Keep water and snacks with you

Traffic becomes a whole lot worse once you become hungry or thirsty. Make sure you have enough to drink on a hot summer day. If traffic is moving slowly enough, get outside and then have some sweets or tasty snacks in the car.

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Who am I?

One of the best car games is “Who Am I?”. In the game, one person thinks of a celebrity, or a person well-know to all passengers, like a grandparent. The rest of the car has to ask the right questions to figure out who that person is. Limit the questions to about twenty for a challenge. And remember, only yes/no questions!


It’s not the most exciting activity, that’s true. But it has to be done sometime, and better when you’re stuck inside than when you could be out doing something. Whilst the driver does their job, move about (sensibly) and do your best to clean up. Remember to recycle!

A movie!

Sadly, this one leaves the driver out. Although, good to keep the kids busy! It really helps time go and does well to keep it quiet!

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Whether you like to sing to Andre Hazes, Bruce Springsteen or Justin Bieber, let your heart out. Singing aloud is a great way to pass time and keep up the spirits on a gruelling drive.

Colouring books

It can be frustrating to have to sit still for so long, especially for children. They need something to divert their attention, and colouring books are an excellent way to do this. It’s stimulating and entertaining, and allows creativity. Another idea is a puzzle, or games on an iPad.

If you have any more great ideas, please let us know!