Things to Do with the Family for Saint Andrew’s Day

September 25, 2018 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, Events and Festivals & Scotland

St Andrew’s Day is coming, what to do? How to celebrate this joyous day without blowing a budget or becoming trapped in crowds? This is an important day for any Scot, or Scot appreciator, and should therefore be celebrated in style. This doesn’t require large spendings or huge parties, as there are numerous festivals and pre organised ways to come together with fellow celebrators and enjoy the day dedicated to Scotland's patron saint.

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What is Saint Andrew’s Day?

According to Christianity’s teachings, St Andrew was one of Jesus Christ’s apostles and was born in Bethsaida (part of modern day Israel). Like Jesus, Andrew died a martyr and was crucified on an X-shaped cross in 60AD. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and hence the cross that symbolizes him makes up the Scottish flag. Historians question why Andrew became the patron saint in 1320, given that he never set foot in Scotland. Some link it to the teachings of Christianity, and others to nomadic individuals who came into contact with Andrew and later migrated to Scotland. St Andrew’s Day is celebrated on November 30th, which is supposedly the date that St. Andrew was crucified. It has been a bank holiday in Scotland since 2006, and a day off for students of St Andrews University. It is a day filled with celebration of Scottish culture, including a message from both the British Prime Minister and Scotland’s First Minister.

#1 Trip in a Motorhome

One of our top St Andrew’s Day things to do is to simply take time to be with your family or friends, and take a little break away from the bustle and stress of daily life. Go on a short break, whether it is a city trip, visit to the seaside or a motorhome getaway. You can find available motorhomes in your area on our site, with options everywhere from Glasgow to Edinburgh to Inverness, and anywhere in between! Explore more of this beautiful country, the true way to celebrate a patron saint. Camp in the beautiful highlands, hike across rolling hills and gaze out across the stunning lochs. Motorhome travel gives you the freedom to go anywhere you like, no commitments or planning ahead required. Scotland offers numerous options for wild camping, allowing you to save money and truly immerse yourself in the nature. But all of this without the general hassles of camping, such as discomfort or needing to pack light. Raise a toast to St Andrew around the campfire with those you love, and you’ll have a truly grand St Andrew’s Day.

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#2 Visit St. Andrew’s

It seems only natural that on this day you should visit the Fife town that bears the patron saint’s name. Situated on the east coast of Fife in Scotland, it is home to the renowned University of St Andrews. Here you can celebrate with the numerous innovative food and drink events throughout November, organised by Savour St Andrews. At the Chefs Taster Lunch on Sunday 4th November, you’ll be in awe of the elegant Old Course Hotel and the delicious appetizers you’re plied with. On St Andrew’s Day itself, top chefs will converge here to offer a St Andrew’s Day dinner like no other, with flowing glasses and traditional music to keep you cheerful till dawn. On the 1st December, the entire town will come together for a special event, the St Andrew’s Day: At the Ends of the Earth. This annual delight will feature an outdoor ceilidh, lantern procession and a dramatic fireworks display at the town’s ancient harbour. There is no better way to celebrate this day than in the town dedicated to him, with a visit to the sites around.

#3 The Saltire Festival

This year the Saltire Festival will take place from the 24th November to the 6th December and introduces numerous exciting new events. It aims to celebrate St Andrews Day and the Home of the Flag, bringing together people across the globe to celebrate the wonders of Scotland. The festival is partnered with the Council’s Arts Service, and a number of leading Scottish traditional music performers and award-winning artists are set to perform. Performers on the bill include John McCusker, Tide Lines and Heidi Talbot. If music somehow isn’t quite your cup of tea, you are bound to find something else to keep you entertained, from jumping racing at Musselburgh Racecourse to the battlefield exploration with historian Arran Johnston. This festival is one of our top St Andrew’s Day things to do, and will teach you more about this fine country whilst also pushing you out of your comfort zone, a true treat! For the full line up and more details, check out their site.

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#4 Oban Winter Festival

St Andrew’s Day, what to do to keep everyone busy and pleased? Simply head over to the stunning town of Oban on Scotland’s west coast from the 16th to 25th November for the Oban Winter Festival. It gives you the opportunity to explore the town, as festival action takes place mainly here. You can enjoy the great shopping, bars and restaurants that make this town thrive, and be sure to take a tour of the local distillery and sample the national drink. There are varying events each day, including family favourites such as the Reindeer Parade and Christmas Light Switch. There are also light shows and traditional ceilidhs, and many more events at the biggest winter party in the West. Visit their site to find out more!

#5 Take it to the Capital

We’ll take any excuse to visit Edinburgh, but Saint Andrew’s Day certainly is the best excuse possible! Edinburgh elbows its way onto our list of St Andrew’s Day things to do as it combines patriotism with fun and innovative things to do. In Edinburgh you’ll find storytelling events and traditional music to take you into the early hours. There are markets offering street food, sweet treats and seasonal crafts from local artisans. The Jam House, located in Edinburgh’s New Town, will host a St Andrew’s Day Ceilidh on 30th November, will tunes to keep you dancing and nibbles to keep you sated. The Scottish Storytelling Centre will be hosting a St Andrew’s Ceilidh at Lauriston Hall from the 30th November to 1st December, featuring traditional songs, music and dancing. Take a weekend break to this gorgeous capital, and combine celebrations with sightseeing and enjoying Edinburgh's wonderful array of cafes.

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And there you have it, our top five St Andrew’s things to do, varying ways in which to enjoy this day. Visit more of this fine country and take some time off to breathe and celebrate with those you care for. If you’d like a motorhome to help with this and to take you with one of the great festivities, then simply search on our site and find available options near you.