The Bijman Family Head to Scandinavia

April 18, 2019 in Destinations, Denmark & Norway

For years, the Bijman family yearned to visit Scandinavia, but let those dreams remain on the shelf. Last summer they finally made it a reality, by renting a motorhome through Goboony and finally just doing it. Their daughter, Dominique, took the time to tell us all about this fun trip!

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Hi ring a Motorhome through Goboony

For years my parents have been itching to take a good look at Scandinavia, really explore it properly. They’re the type to really look forward to their well-deserved summer vacation throughout the year, and this time a little bit more than usual. Last year we took a motorhome along the west coast of America, as my parents had read about this online. The convenience and freedom a motorhome supplies was definitely appreciated. So this year when they were figuring out exactly what they wanted to do, the choice was an easy one; a motorhome trip! Even so, we were dreading the hassle of hiring a motorhome and buying one right away would be just unnecessary. However, this turned out to be far from the truth. We found Goboony through a Google search, and they saved us a great deal of hassle. Therefore, we can only speak of Goboony with 100% enthusiasm.

Our eye was caught by a beautiful four berth motorhome belonging to an Owner in Friesland. With a little bit of contact and a few simple clicks, it was arranged in no time! On August 18th, 2018, we were able to pick up the van from the Owner, so that we could leave the next day completely prepared. The Owner was extremely helpful, and gave us an extensive tour of the motorhome. It was a spacious van, with a bed situated above the driver’s cabin where my brother and I slept, and a couch with table that transformed into my parents' bed every night. Everything was perfect and all we had to bring ourselves was some food and clothing.

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King of the Road

The following day, my parents, seventeen year old twin brother and I left for Denmark. I can’t say much for this journey, except that my brother and I slept wonderfully. We sat opposite each other at a table behind the driver’s cabin and I can comfortably call the motorhome completely adolescent-proof. My parents also had a relaxed ride and were comfortable. You feel a bit like a “King of the Road” in a motorhome, ruling the roads. For the entire vacation, my Mum would choose where we’d pitch that night whilst we drove. A quick call to a campsite and it was quickly arranged. We experienced this as one of the major advantages of a motorhome. As you have everything with you, you can stay anywhere without being dependent on others. The freedom and tranquility provided surpasses all flying holidays where you’re reliant on taxis and hotels. You roll out an awning, unfold your seats and you’re done. On the way you can also stop at any field or parking lot for a cup of coffee or bite to eat. In Scandinavia, you’re even allowed to overnight park in many places, but we still choose to pitch at campsites instead. Once we arrived at the first campsite, we explored the neighbourhood and found a whole bunch of blackberries. That evening, my Mum made pasta and the amazing holiday truly began to take shape.

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A Motorhome is Ideal for Families

We drove on to Copenhagen, Oslo, the Norwegian fjords, the Preikestolen, Kristiansand and even Bremen. We made countless walks through nature. We liked the fjords most in that respect. The nature there is very untamed, and sometimes literally breathtaking. We could never be bored with all the waterfalls, lakes and forests to explore. There were also great walking routes throughout the entire trip. Some were more intensive than others but always positively challenging with nice bridges and rocks. In the morning we would make some sandwiches with breakfast and then drive the motorhome to the starting point of the walk. Following the walk we could take a break in the motorhome and head to the supermarket. The flexibility of the motorhome ensures the whole family enjoys the holiday, as you’re together but also have your own space. You can easily reach your own things, and you sleep in the same bed every night, but everyone could discover from themselves where their interests lay due to the constantly changing environment. To summarise, it was an amazing holiday and I would do it all over again in a second.

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To finish, I have a few definite recommendations for Norway:

  • Hallingdal Campsite in Al, at the waterfall Kulufoss

  • The waterfall hike in Odda by the fjord

  • Hiking through the Folgefonna National Park, with bridges and ropes to climb

  • The hike to the Preikestolen

  • Shopping in Kristiansand

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