Reasons to Hire an RV in Ireland

January 31, 2018 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers & Ireland

Hiring an RV in Ireland lets you see and do more!

With the freedom an RV brings, you are able to see, and do a lot more. Ireland’s capital, Dublin, is a lovely place - home of the Guinness factory and the famous Temple Bar area. But the real charm and appeal of the island is the countryside and rural towns and villages that you encounter as you travel outside the cities. Ireland is world famous for its scenery and there is no better way to not just experience it but to immerse yourself in it than by hiring an RV. Hiring an RV gives you a level of freedom as well as practicality to travel and soak in as much of the Emerald Isle as possible. There are 32 counties on the whole island and each of them will beckon to you for its own reason. There are the more well known counties with the bigger tourist attractions like Cork, Clare and Dublin but there are some hidden gems out there such as Offaly, Roscommon and Sligo that can surprise you with they have to offer, and it can be nice to go to the places you won’t necessarily find suggested in your travel book!  In an RV you get to choose which of the roads to travel and which of the towns and sites to discover.

Goboony hire RV Ireland valley road motorhome

RV trip around the Pubs in Ireland

Besides its natural beauty Ireland is also famous for its pubs. There are countless pubs in Ireland, no city, town or village would be complete without one. They are a great way to mix with the locals and really get a feel for the country. Both historically and currently the pub has been the place for people to gather socially in these small towns and villages and they are a great place for you to visit to really get to the heart of Ireland. The pubs themselves are very inviting places, the dark wood and the soft lamp light that is a common feature of these rural drinking spots creates a cozy environment that the local population will add to with their inviting and chatty behaviour. Hiring an RV will give you the opportunity to visit a fair few of these establishments - see if you can spot the differences from town to town and county to county! We also all know to never drink and drive, so if you hire an RV your home for the trip will never be far away from your merrymaking with a delicious local pint, and you’ll therefore get to experience many different ones across the towns and villages in Ireland, and hopefully have a story or two to bring back with you!

Goboony Hire RV Ireland Pubs motorhome

Better to hire an RV than to stay in B&Bs

Of course, this might not be everyones preference, but hear us out. Because the great joy of visiting Ireland is travelling the countryside, if you don’t hire an RV then you will have to stay in a B&B. B&Bs can, of course, be lovely if you stay in one place but travelling around would require organising your routes and destinations to make sure you have somewhere to stay. If you hire an RV around Ireland your home is always with you and you don’t have to be constrained by a rigid route. An RV provides all the comforts of home without having to give up your mobility on your travels. You’re adventure doesn’t have to mean you have to give up a warm room, a cup of tea and a comfy bed. There is a common culture of carefreeness in Ireland and you can embrace that by enjoying the freedom hiring an RV can give you!

Goboony RV hire Ireland Evening motorhome

So there you have it, hopefully you have been given a fresh perspective on how to see a country as beautiful as the Emerald isle. Who knows, your next trip might just be done with the freedom of the road on your side!