Our tips for motorhome holidays in the winter

January 10, 2017 in Tips for Travellers

Oh Winter! with your short days and cold weather you aren't the most inviting of seasons for holidaymakers. But we are here to help ensure you don't feel constrained to the warmer months for your holiday. In fact motorhomes holidays in the winter are really as enjoyable and cozy as you make them. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your travels and enjoy them in comfort, no matter the weather.

#1 Keeping warm inside the motorhome

There is a good reason we get socks for Christmas! Nobody likes having to go through their day in damp socks, so make sure to bring more than enough to deal with the expected winter weather or the unexpected puddle. To put it in words we understand, if your feet are like wheels, socks and shoes are your tyres! Take care of them and they will get you where you need to go.

Goboony tips winter motorhome socks snow

#2 Keeping warm outside the motorhome

In most places you'll find yourself, a few Jumpers are more useful to you than an arctic parka. Having the option to take a layer off will certainly come in handy. Thermal layers are also a good choice.

Goboony tips winter motorhome vakantie girl scarf

#3 Keeping dry on the go when caravanning

By now you know to have an abundance of socks, that does not mean you have to try and get through them all. Realistically it is better to not get wet in the first place. Wellies are essential in the winter unless you have a love for damp feet or wearing plastic bags over your shoes. A raincoat is also a good idea, not only for the rain but as a buffer against the wind! Remember those damp clothes have to dry out somewhere. A further key items to think about bringing are spare towels and mats to minimise mud and dampness coming into the living quarters of the motorhome, that way you leave winter at the door when you retire for the evening.

Goboony tips motorhome holiday winter boots snow

#4 Warm meals in your motorhome

Winter is a time for hearty stews and comfort food. Remember, travelling in a motorhome is relatively luxurious; that does not mean however that you have a gourmet kitchen complete with sous chef and a range at your disposal. Good meal planning is a great idea to make sure you have easy to make warming dishes to help you end the day warm and satisfied. Another useful piece of kit is a thermos flask. Coffee, tea or soup, having something warm to enjoy at your disposal is never a bad idea.

Goboony tips winter camper mug stew

#5 Things to do inside your motorhome on a rainy day

Yes we live in the days of ubiquitous internet access and instant gratification. That being said, do you remember how satisfying it is to curl up with a good book or play cards with your friends or family? We know it's 2017 but you won't always have all the trimmings of civilisation at your fingertips s. So make sure you bring the necessary items to 'make your own' fun. Winter is a peaceful and beautiful season, that doesn't mean you will always want to be out in it. Take the time to learn some fun card games before you set off for some wholesome indoors fun. Yaniv is a pretty good game to bring out one's competitive edge whilst still being enjoyable.

Goboony tips winter motorhome reading book hands

So there you have it! Our 5 top tips for motorhome holidays in the winter months. Don't let your winter be without an adventure. Holiday locations usually have a different but nonetheless beautiful aura in winter. There is an increasing number of holidaymakers opting for motorhome holidays in winter, and even using a motorhome for their accommodation on Skiing holidays. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your own winter wonderland! Check out our offers on motorhomes available for hire this season.