Must-Have Camping Gadgets 2021

November 22, 2017 in Tips for Owners

1. Portable water shower

This portable water tank is ideal for an adventurous holiday by campervan – a must-have when you don’t always have access to a shower. This tank can even warm up water for comfortable showers, but it’s also perfect for rinsing your boat or surfboard. The reservoir is easy to fill up and using the tap, and it’s ready to use in no time. It holds up to 7 litres, meaning you can use it for about four minutes. The portable shower comes with an adjustable nozzle, so you can use it optimally for many different purposes.

2. Table and chairs

Whether you are going on a trip with a small tent or if you are taking a motorhome with you, space-saving gear always makes your trip easier. A lot of camping gear is designed to take up as little space as possible. When folded up, this table and matching chairs minimise the space they take up. They are manufactured from lightweight materials and smartly packaged. No more bickering about which cumbersome old camping furniture to bring along!

3. Grilling, cooking, boiling & charging

We truly consider this a showpiece of camping innovation: the CampStove 2 Bundle. Enjoy a nice fire, do some cooking and even charge your phone while you are at it, with this fully integrated device. The CampStove 2 Bundle offers a unique combination of features, such as an internal battery to charge all your devices, a LED dashboard to inform you on settings like firepower, USB ports, and a spacious steel griddle to cook all your food at once. Have a look at the video below to see this multifunctional camping companion in action:

4. Coffee?

For the coffee connoisseurs: the Minipresso! You only need two things: a coffee pod and some hot water. You can use your hand to build some pressure and tasty espresso will pour out. The Minipresso comes with a filling cup and drinking cup. Enjoy!

Goboony camping gadgets coffee at campfire

5. Lifestraw

For the seasoned hikers, backpackers, cyclists and other outdoor lovers. In two steps, this product filters dirty water into clean, potable water.

6. Drysack

If you will be navigating the waters, or if you will get into close contact with a lot of water, it can be reassuring to keep your valuables dry and safely stored. This dry sack will not only protect your stuff from getting wet, but it also stays afloat in case it falls overboard. Of course, you can use it for other activities as well – it’s a bag after all.

Goboony camping gadgets fire barbecue

7. Portable airconditioning

When going camping, the heat sometimes already strikes us in the morning. This small portable aircon, the ‘Zero Breeze’, will help you cope with hot summer days. It will cool down small spaces in a jiffy. This aircon is not limited to bringing a pleasant breeze to your room: it includes a nightlight, a Bluetooth speaker and USB ports to charge all your other devices.

8. Travelsafe travel towel

These ultra-thin towels are ultra-convenient. It can absorb up to six times its own weight, is made out of soft fabric, and absorbs and dries quickly. It is available for a low price in multiple sizes and colours.

9. Mug

Finally, for every campervan owner: World’s Best Camper!

Did we miss out on awesome unique gadgets that we should add to this list? Let us know! #LETSGOGADGETS