Motorhome Holiday Possibilities in the UK Right Now

May 14, 2020 in Everything about Corona

Whilst the COVID 19 threat is far from over, more possibilities are beginning to open up in terms of movement. This includes heading out in a motorhome. In this blog post, we aim to inform you on the exact regulations and possibilities relating to motorhome travel right now. You’ll also fill plenty of tips for motorhome travel during Corona, as well as stunning destinations and routes!

This page is regularly updated to reflect current events and limitations.

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You can also check out tips for travelling in a motorhome during COVID 19.

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Motorhome travel during Corona 

In a society distanced by 2 metres, a motorhome is actually the perfect way to travel!

Reasons to travel by motorhome during COVID 19:

  1. It's a quarantine box on wheels! A home away from home. It might even be easier to social distance in a campervan on a field than the busy streets of a city.
  2. Makes it easier to avoid other people. 
  3. Solo travel - except for your travelling group! Avoid the crowds of trains or planes, and instead keep safe in your motorhome.
  4. Self reliant. With your own sanitary facilities and a kitchen on board, you can avoid communal facilities and live on your own devices. This also allows you to avoid busy campsites and focus on greener destinations.
  5. An escape from home, as you may be going a little stir crazy. It allows you to explore and move, whilst still keeping safe and following all regulations.
  6. It may be the only way to cross borders, if you wish to!
  7. A fun story to be told later, about when you self-isolated in a campervan.

Where can I currently travel in a motorhome?

*Campsites are scheduled to open on the 4th of July*

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Self-isolating with your furry friend? Good choice, check out dog-friendly motorhome hire to bring them along!

Tips for places to visit

Now is the best time to discover more about your home country, or even town, through a staycation in the UK! The best way to avoid any issues, is to go off the beaten path, visit the lesser thought of places. Avoid tourist hotspots, and focus on getting closer to nature.

Road trips

During this time, it’s better to avoid the bigger road trip routes, like the North Coast 500, as campsites along it will be quite busy. If you’d still like a driving route in Scotland, opt for the South West Coastal 300 instead. It’s considered the little sister of the NC500, and has incredible views along the way!

Within England, you could head south for a bit of R&R in the sunshine. This London to Cornwall road trip itinerary is the perfect post-Corona getaway, as long as you avoid large beaches and tourist attractions. 

Heading west to Wales is also a great idea, as the countryside is less populated, and there are gorgeous Snowdonia walking routes to enjoy! A Wales road trip could take you along the coast, finishing with a great hike.

National Parks

Heading to a national park seems like a great idea to social distance whilst getting some fresh air. And it is, except that everyone seems to have the same idea! This isn’t to say that you can’t go, but just aim to go to the less popular spots, and out of peak times. Particularly when visiting places like the Brecon Beacons and the North Pennines, be sure to go early in the morning or late afternoon, and keep distance from others when walking.

Free Motorhome Camping

Wild camping or overnight parking can allow you to not only avoid possible crowds at campsites, but also to go deeper into nature. It’s easy to keep 2 metres distance from others when you stay at some of these great free motorhome camping spots.

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Keep safe everyone!