Make Your Motorhome More Attractive for Rental

July 28, 2017 in Tips for Owners and Tips for Renting Out

It’s brilliant that you’ve decided to rent out your motorhome!Renting out your motorhome can be a great way to add to your pocket. Of course, for this, it’s key to have an appealing ad. These tips go a long way to ensuring your ad is attractive.

Provide a nice description

For potential renters, it helps to get a good idea of the person and motorhome. A good place to start is to share a bit of information about yourself, like in your biography. Also, it’s great to share a bit of information about where this motorhome has been.

Give a thorough biography of yourself

Of course, it’s great to know about the actual vehicle. However, it’s also good to know who you’re renting from, so share a bit about yourself. What work do you do? About your family? What is it you enjoy about motorhome holidays? What are your hobbies? Lastly, a clear and friendly profile picture.

Have a market-based price

Sharing your motorhome is a great thing to do, but you have to make sure it’s a reasonable price. Browse through Goboony to compare prices of similar vehicles to get an idea for yours. If they’re lower, however, you can add additional amenities in order for the higher price to make sense!

Additional amenities

As the advertiser, you have the ability to showcase which facilities you offer. As previously described, you can offer an extra gas container or a navigation system. These are things other advertisers may not provide, and thus boosting your listing. A good example is the offer of a BBQ set.

goboony motorhomes blog appealing advert barbecue

insurance included

Naturally, safety is important for everybody involved. Goboony itself doesn’t offer insurance, however we have found that many advertisers have found success by going through insurance brokers such as Alan Boswell or Liverpool Victoria.

Low deposit

At Goboony, you even have the option to rent without a deposit. Goboony collects all the costs and guarantees them up to £450. It can be a barrier for the renter if they have to pay a deposit, and not having one often encourages. However, we understand the need for comfort and certainty, and so you can easily set a deposit on the listing.

high quality photographs

Photographs are what make the first impression of your vehicle, on the potential renter. As a result, this step is important! So we advise to take a variety of photographs, that are clear and showcase the motorhome and what it has to offer. 

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