Is My Motorhome Suitable to Rent?

May 30, 2016 in Tips for Owners

Goboony Volkswagen Nature H2 Green Campervan

Practically speaking all motorhomes are suitable for rent. Most motorhomes are ready for immeditate rental. If you are happy with your motorhome yourself then there are probably more people who are. Some people find it for example disturbing that strangers will be sleeping in their bed. We can well imagine, but with a mattress protector (which you can buy at IKEA) that problem is easily solved. 

The most rented motorhomes have the following characteristics:

  •  The advertiser must be the owner of the motorhome or at least have the express authority to use it in this manner. Furthermore, the insurance policy needs to allow it being hired out in this manner.
  •  The motorhome is well maintained and is suitable to participate safely in traffic. Of course we expect every vehicle on Goboony to be completely safe to drive, This will also likely mean that it will have had a valid habitation check if required.
  •  The camper is MOT approved and the MOT has not expired. This shouldn't be a surprise as it is a requirement for all vehicles on the road anyway.
  •  The road tax has been paid and the motorhome is clean. 
  •  The motorhome is third party liability, restricted comprehensive cover or comprehensive cover (all risk) insured, or has a relevant hire policy coverage.  
  •  The motorhome has national or international roadside assistance. Unless indicated that the traveler must provide potential roadside assistance themselves. 
  •  The motorhome features national or international replacement transport. Unless indicated that the traveler should take care of replacement transport themselves.