How to Take the Best Photos

July 28, 2017 in Tips for Travellers and Tips for Owners

A nice photo serves as a memory for a wonderful holiday, as well as being a great way to show your friends and family where you’ve been. Sadly, reality always tends to be more beautiful than the captured, but these tips will help make that less so!

Don't always have equipment

Of course, there is something said to have all the equipment. However, at the end of the day, it’s the photo that matters. Take time to just go for a walk with the camera, and shoot what you see and feel. 

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Focus on your topic

Although the camera is important, the subject is more so. It’s what you need to focus on. Nowadays a phone serves as a very formidable camera, and take the time to find the emotions, the scenery, and the events that you want to remember.

Let the world come to you

Don’t try to plan all the photos. Let nature run its course, keep an eye out, and sure enough a stunning photo will work its way onto your screen. 

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Don't always ask permission

Not everybody likes having a sudden photograph taken of them. However, it’s often beneficial to be a bit sneaky and spontaneously take a snap of somebody. Candid photos often work out better than posed and planned one. If they’re really not happy, you can always delete it afterwards - although hopefully that won’t be the case!

Editing isn't cheating

There are countless stories of the over-editing that goes into a celebrity’s photos for magazines. This gives the idea that editing is “cheating”, but not so! It’s often that in a certain photo the light may be just off. With a simple editing program, such as the one on an iPhone, you can fix it easily. Fiddle with the exposure, contrast or colour balance to get what you need.

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Take a lot of photos!

Timing in a photo is crucial, and it’s incredibly easy to be off by a few seconds! Thankfully, since the arrival of the digital camera, this has been fixed slightly. You can press repeatedly to take tons of photos in a matter of moments - often you can just hold it down! It means you might have to sort through all the photos, but you’ll almost definitely get the shot you want.

Don't only experience through the lens

Although you want to show your friends and family, the best way to remember trip is to experience it yourself. Don’t live behind the lens, and take it all in with your eyes too - some moments just aren’t meant to be on photo, and for your memory only.