How Can I Save Fuel on My Motorhome Trip?

March 25, 2022 in Tips for Travellers, Tips for Owners, Sustainable travel & Tips for the road

Rising fuel prices can make you doubt whether a road trip is the best option for your holiday, or even possible. But we often overestimate how much fuel is required for a trip, especially if we take certain fuel-saving practices into account. So don’t let rising fuel prices impact your motorhome holiday, as with the right preparation, you’ll find it to still be the best option for your trip. 

Goboony Fuel Tank Petrol H2 Motorhome Campervan

1. A motorhome is still the right option

Flight prices keep rising, so travelling abroad with a plane won’t be any cheaper for your holiday. You’ll also have to hire transport then or find a way to travel around, resulting in a far greater budget for your trip. Whilst you might consider using a train for your trip, this could be cheaper but will still limit the freedom of your holiday.

When it comes to a car versus motorhome for your road trip, consider that either way, you’ll still be using fuel. But with a motorhome, at least your accommodation will be covered as well, as campsites are far cheaper than hotel rooms. You’ll still be saving overall, it’s just about employing the right tactics and being mindful in your trip planning.

And if the fuel prices are making you consider cancelling your trip altogether, think again! You deserve a break! Times have been stressful, and we all deserve the chance to relax and refill our battery with a getaway. You shouldn’t wait until summer to think about a holiday, as that’s the priciest time to travel and too long to wait. Treat yourself to a little getaway, and simply be mindful of your budget and fuel usage throughout.

2. Keep it light

One of the main factors affecting the fuel usage of a motorhome is its weight. A lighter motorhome will use less petrol, it’s as simple as that. So when packing for your trip, really consider what you’re bringing. Will you really use that? Can you enjoy your holiday without it? Be a bit more mindful with heavier items and you’ll notice the difference in your fuel gauge. 

A great way to limit the weight of your motorhome is through the water tank. Don’t make the rookie mistake of filling up your clean water tank before departing. You don’t need so much water on the road and it’ll weigh down your motorhome, thereby increasing the amount of fuel you require on the road. Instead, fill up a few water bottles before you go to stay hydrated on the road. Once you arrive at your campsite, you can fill up your freshwater tank again. The same goes for your wastewater tank and toilet cassette, which should always be emptied before driving.

3. Drive defensively

Welcome to the wonders of slow travel! Never forget that the journey is just as important as the destination. So don’t rush through the journey on highways, trying to go as fast as you can. Instead, focus on reaching a constant tempo of about 100km/h and you’ll save plenty of fuel this way. 

On other roads, avoid driving too fast so you don’t have to brake as often. Aim to always be in a higher gear, to avoid overworking your engine. 

And finally, when possible, turn off your engine! If you’re caught in a traffic jam that truly isn’t moving, or you’re waiting for a bridge to rise, simply turn off your engine. Not only can you save money this way, and it’s far more environmentally friendly. 

4. Check your tyres

Did you know that low-pressure tyres can increase your petrol usage by 2-5%? That can really add up over a road trip! So if you’re travelling in your own motorhome, be sure to check the tyres before departing. And if you’re hiring a motorhome, ask the owner when they last checked the tyre pressure. With the right tyres, you can glide across the roads.

5. Travel local

Opt for a closer destination! Often we assume that holidays need to involve getting far away from home, the further the better. But that means that we often haven’t explored our home country, or even city, enough. You’ll quickly realise there’s a reason so many people visit the UK each year, and it’s time to discover that for yourself!

To reduce fuel consumption on your road trip, stay closer to home and be a tourist in your own city. A holiday isn’t about how far you go, but rather exploring and giving your mind a break. Enjoy a staycation for a fuel savvy holiday.

6. Limit driving

Once you’ve reached your campsite, you can save pennies by not driving further. Instead of driving to the supermarket or attractions, use alternative transport. Take a nice stroll or hire bikes for the day. Or see what bus services are offered.

This also makes your trip more hassle-free, as you’re not constantly setting up your motorhome and then packing it all up to drive. 

7. Find the cheapest petrol station

Don’t just settle for the first petrol station you find! Instead shop around for the cheapest one. What may seem like a small difference in price can make a big difference when you’re filling up a motorhome of 70-90 litres. Use travel apps like Waze to compare prices at different petrol stations. 

With these tips in mind, a road trip doesn’t have to be more expensive, even with the current fuel prices! Simply plan ahead and slow down your journey, and you can still have an incredible motorhome holiday. Now it’s time to choose your destination!