French Motorway Tolls

September 26, 2018 in Tips for Travellers

What are you planning next for your holiday? Maybe renting a motorhome at Goboony and going for a road trip through France? Because of how easily accessible and stunningly beautiful France is, it tends to be a top holiday destination from the UK. There’s nothing quite like having the freedom to move around in a campervan and see the beautiful south of France or visit Paris or Lyon. as easy as it is to get carried away with a magical trip like this one, it’s always good to find out a bit about practicalities before you set off, like, for example the French motorway tolls; which vehicles what toll applies to, where you have to pay or how much… which is why we bring you this short summary of the French toll charges. Enjoy the read and bon voyage!

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Useful Information

Let’s start off with some useful information; if there is anything you cannot remember or need a fast calculation for your journey, you can always turn to, where you can find a price list of French motorway tolls, vehicle list, a map and a calculator of your journey cost. As an approximate, the French highways tend to cost around 8 euros per 100 km, so if you ever cannot use the online calculator, you can roughly see how much you will end up spending.

Entrances to French toll motorways are makes ‘Péage’ meaning ‘toll’ and there is always a booth where you pick up a ticket by simply pressing a button and when the toll section comes to an end or you are leaving the motorway, you will present this ticket and pay for the part of the motorway you just took. Remember that tunnels and bridges are paid for separately, too.
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The Eurotunnel

At the start of your journey, you will most likely take the Eurotunnel. The eurotunnel is the underground train that connects the UK with France. It is 50 km long and goes from Folkestone in England to Calais in France. It is possible to reserve the tunnel in advance, as you can get a good rate, while if you wait until last minute, you may have to pay up to 79 pounds for each way. The rates you can get earlier vary depending on how far in advance you book it, for reservations and more information, you can visit

Toll Charges in France

As for the French toll charges, it is impossible to give an exact amount you will have to pay, as it varies depending on where you begin your journey and where you end, so for that it is useful to use the calculator on their website, as mentioned above. However, there are some popular routes taken on the motorway, listed out below. There is a difference between the ‘Classe’ of the vehicle, depending on its weight and size. A car belongs to Classe A, but a motorhome or campervan will be Classe B.

  • Aix-en-Provence to Nice: 17,60 euros for Classe A & 26,80 euros for Classe B

  • Bordeaux to Paris: 55,60 euros for Classe A & 85,60 euros for Classe B

  • Calais to Paris: 22,10 euros for Classe A & 33,90 euros for Classe B

  • Lyon to Paris: 34,80 euros for Classe A & 54,40 euros for Classe B

  • Marseille to Paris: 59,50 euros for Classe A & 93,70 euros for Classe B

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Hopefully this short summary of highway tolls was helpful to you and brought you one step closer to planning your vacation in the beautiful country of France! For more information on driving in France, you can have a read through this article about driving rules or look through some top places to visit for some inspiration!