August Bank Holiday Ideas 2022

September 2, 2021 in Events and Festivals

The August bank holiday is coming up, so it is time to start planning! Use this long weekend to do something fun and new, something to keep the whole group entertained. We’ve got ideas for how you can enjoy the break for the family, for friends, for couples and simply for yourself. So read on to find ways to keep busy this August bank holiday!

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For the Family

When you have kids, you often stop looking forward to bank holidays, and instead begin to dread them. How to keep the children entertained? How to not go insane with them cooped up? Especially with this dreadful heat, it can feel like a prison. But bank holidays can be fun, even with the children around! One of my favourite bank holiday ideas for kids is a classic one; take them camping! Nothing fills up the time and gets everyone getting along better than camping. Find some tents, sleeping bags, a camping stove and the rest of the items you need, drive out to a nice site and enjoy. You can choose to visit a campsite, and through our blogs you can find campsites in Scotland and campsites in Wales.

You can also opt for wild camping, where you stay in a natural area. This ensures privacy and gives you the true feeling of camping, but also means no wifi or power. If this is the route you want to go, then ensure you check online first if you’re allowed to camp there, as there are certain rules and regulations. If you can’t find anything prohibiting it online, then play it safe with the arrive late, leave early rule and you should be fine! Whilst camping, you can keep everyone entertained through scavenger hunts, bringing a ball or racket for games, or going for hikes! As for cooking on this trip, check out our blog on camping cuisine for ideas!

If you don’t have a night or two at your disposal, then you can settle for some family bank holiday days out. Going to the beach is always a fun idea, especially with this heatwave! Catch a tan and read a nice paperback on the beach. If you choose wisely, you can find a beach that offers water sports or activities as well, to make it a really great day for the whole family! Nothing keeps away arguments like riding a banana boat together. It can also be super fun, and cheap, to go snorkelling. Just pick up some masks and go fish spotting.

Alternatively, you could go as a family to a theme park. Numerous theme parks across the UK have summer offers or deals, so pack some snacks and suncream and spend a day riding the wildest rides - or at least watching the younger one’s do it! If that kind of crowd and rides aren’t your thing, you could also go to another form of activity. Go Ape is a fun outdoor activity involving a high rope course with suspended obstacles through a forest canopy. There are Go Ape courses across the country, and they’ll ensure you’re spending your time away from technology, in fresh air, in gorgeous settings and doing something physical! If your children are a bit young for that, you could look at taking them to an animal sanctuary or petting zoo, to learn more about wildlife while cuddling some furry friends.

For the Couple

Now we could be a little biased, but we believe the best bank holiday getaways for couples are done with a campervan. Hear us out for one moment. Having a campervan gives you the freedom to choose where you’ll go, you can make it a real adventure. You don’t have to worry about accommodation, as you’re sitting in it! You can drive to any city, or multiple one’s, and explore. But still get the option to remove yourself from it in the evenings and enjoy nature. It will give you the privacy and the space to reconnect and truly enjoy your time together. You can go anywhere in it, to a city or to a national park. We personally recommend the Lake District, as you’ll have loads of lovely activities to keep you busy and having fun! A great activity for couples is to go hiking.

Hiking is great for your health, doesn’t require a high level of fitness to begin easy trails, and allows you to talk whilst you walk! A great motivation whilst hiking is geocaching. Geocaching involves using your mobile or other navigational device to seek “geocaches”, containers hidden across the entire world! Once you find it, you can add your name to the log book and continue. Challenge yourself to reach a certain amount and enjoy all the physical activity! When considering bank holiday days out, why not also try something new and spontaneous. Go rock climbing or rafting, try a horse riding or surfing lesson. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and go skydiving or take a flying class. There is no limit to the things you can do!

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For Friends

Bank holiday getaways don’t always need to be with your partner or family, they can also be with a good group of friends! Take a campervan out for a few days to either enjoy catching up around the campfire or exploring cities. A city trip is a great way to make the most of your break, and to get to know your own country better. You could go for a capital city, a lesser known one, or even a small random option. You would be surprised what great places and activities towns can hold. If you can’t manage to get away for a night, due to work or kids or other factors, then at least make a fun plan with your friends. Go for Afternoon Tea. You can splash out on somewhere posh or go somewhere more easy going. Sip on tea - or champagne!- whilst you nibble on sandwiches and scones. Delicious! You can also head to a spa for some pampering, which is well deserved by now. Or do something more proactive with taking classes, such as learning how to make sushi or cook Thai food! Afterwards you can head back to one of your homes and test out those new skills.

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For Yourself

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t enjoy your bank holiday on your own, as some of the best bank holiday days out are on our own! No need to compromise your plans, you can do whatever you’ve been wanting to do! You could head to a park or beach to relax and read. You could head to the cinema to catch one of the great movies coming out lately, perhaps with a cheeky bucket of butter popcorn to accompany you. You can get to know your own city better, through visiting museums and galleries around the area. Head to a cafe to enjoy a nice lunch on your own. Go for a hike or bike ride and have some time alone with your thoughts. There are so many things you could do, and they don’t involve anyone but yourself.

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Hopefully through these bank holiday ideas, you’ll think of something to keep yourself busy with. If you’re hoping to celebrate it with a campervan trip, it isn’t too late! Look on our site for last minute deals and you’ll be getting a nice discount on your weekend away.