A Cancelled Holiday Leads to an Unforgettable Campervan Trip!

September 21, 2020 in Tips for Travellers and Experiences

A holiday to Spain cancelled. Stella and her family were not unique in their situation, but they did manage to find a safe alternative to save their summer. 

“As soon as there was talk of easing lockdown, the first place I headed to was the Goboony website, a site I’d browsed numerous times but never got round to booking a trip.”

The push for a staycation reminded Stella of Goboony, a campervan sharing platform she had considered in the past. After a bit of scrolling, she found a newly converted VW close to where they lived. They placed a request on Jonathan’s Volkswagen T6 and as luck would have it… it was available!

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Why travel by campervan?

“What attracted me to it was the addition of a toilet (not your typical style conversion). This meant losing a bit of internal space; however, no need to use communal toilets at all, reducing the risk significantly. What was also very thoughtful was the fact the owner ensures the van has at least 24 hours between each booking to ensure thorough cleaning.”

Having a toilet in their van was about more than just comfort, it adds that extra security of avoiding public places during this time. That is one of the main benefits of campervan hire during COVID-19, as you are self-sufficient in your travels. You can choose to avoid restaurants, public transport and more. It’s a comfort when travelling, especially with two young children (six and two years old) like Stella has. 

What did her children think of the campervan?

Stella summed this up perfectly, “If they could, they’d sleep in the roof bed permanently!” Many people with children are hesitant to travel in a campervan, fearing the small space. But for kids, campervan travel is an exciting adventure. They get to spend most of the day outside and enjoy a sleepover with their parents. It’s an exciting twist on the typical family holiday, and an opportunity to spend time together. Stella’s kids “had the time of their lives”.

Goboony campervan children family h2 covid corona

How did Corona impact their campervan holiday?

Travelling to the Lake District will usually have you fearing crowds, but this was not the case. At the campsite in Cheshire, most pitches were empty so that the Memari family could pitch up anywhere. Careful measures had been put in place so that Stella and her family never felt unsafe. Day trips and activities were still possible, but they needed to book a time slot in advance. Given that the vehicle had extensive cooking facilities, they were able to make almost all of their meals, both budget-friendly and COVID-proof!

Would they hire a campervan again?

“It was by far the safest way to take a break during a very uncertain time in our lives, and we got to explore some beautiful parts of our country. We will most definitely be booking our next trip in the spring!”

Thank you to Stella Memari for sharing her story with us!

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