7 Reasons To Have Cola In Your Motorhome

July 18, 2019 in Tips for Travellers and Travel and Camping Hacks

I know what came to mind when you read this title… you’re actually telling me to keep Coca Cola in my motorhome? Sugary drinks are most often accompanied with a warning of dangers to your health, and Coke is the most renowned brand in history! However, there are a few other ways in which Coke can be extremely useful, and could be a lifesaver during your motorhome trip or van life adventures. Time for some cola creativity. Ready, steady, coke!

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1. Fat Spots in Clothing

Picture it. You are enjoying your vacation, and you stopped your motorhome to have a scrumptious steak grilled right there amidst nature. But then, horror! You dribble a bit of that delicious food on your shirt. Don’t let the fat spots on your clothes spoil this beautiful dinner, or your stylish clothing. Simply pour a can of Coke in with water and some detergent, and soak it in a bucket. When you get home you can repeat this if necessary by running it through a regular cycle on the machine. Soon enough you’ll find the spot has vanished. This also works with the motorhome’s upholstery!

2. Bugs on the Motorhome's Windshield

Driving all day, you’ll often stop to find flies, crickets and a million other insects have found their way onto the windshield. And they’re firmly stuck, and quite a grimy sight. However, a little bit of Coke can make this annoyance into a simple occurrence. Soak a tea towel in a bit of Coca Cola, and rub it wherever the insects may be. After that, clean with water, and presto, you’ve got a clean windshield. 

3. Jellyfish Stings

You park the campervan right by the beach, and excitedly gallop into the sea. However, more tragedy, a jellyfish stings you! It’s pretty sore, and having somebody urinate on you doesn’t exactly sound like a delight. So, instead we offer you the magical remedy of… Coke! Just pour some on and the pain is immediately reduced. However, vinegar is the best for this, so use that when possible. Rinse with vinegar, and apply a heat pack or rest it in warm water. Do not forcefully remove the tentacles either!

4. The Teapot

Perhaps you’ve made friends on your campsite, and invited them over for a wonderfully British cup of tea. But upon boiling the water, you’ve realised the dreadful state of your teapot! Not fit to entertain with, this simply won’t do. The British have standards to uphold when it comes to a good cup of tea. No fear! Just fill it with Coke beforehand, and rest it for an hour. Rinse out with water, and you’re set to offer tea to any who want! 

5. Clogged Sink

We won’t point fingers, but certain members of the travelling group have a nasty habit of clogging the sink. Instead of playing the blame game, simply run a can of Coke through your sink every now and then, and you’ll find that it goes a long way to ensure that it doesn’t clog.

6. Sickness

Not sure if your mother taught you this one as a kid, but just in case, someone needs to share this maternal wisdom! If you’ve got a sore stomach, drinking flat Coke (no fizz) is an easy remedy. Your body might be lacking glucose, which Coke has plenty of, and so it can perk you up nicely. This can also be the case with a migraine. Don’t overdo it, just a reasonable amount to bring up those glucose levels. Run out? Here are other drinks to relieve nausea.

7. A Cola Fountain

A lot of hype around this, and perhaps not one of the more useful reasons, but it can be really entertaining! Grab a pack of Mentos, a bottle of Coke, and mix them together. And stand back! It’s a great way to entertain the kids for a bit, and we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that adults find it funny too.

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So there you have it, a few reasons why a few cans of Coca Cola deserve a spot in your cupboard. Not to mention that after a long day of driving there is nothing better than sitting next to your motorhome, sandy beach under your feet, with a cold glass of coke, slice of lemon bobbing on the top, and ice clinking...