7 Reasons To Have Cola In Your Motorhome

July 25, 2017 in Tips for holidaymakers

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Of course, we aren’t going to suggest you give the children, or yourself, a glass of Coke just before bed. Nor do we advise drinking Coke all the day! However, there are a few other ways in which Coke can be extremely useful. Time for some cola creativity. 

Fat Spots in Clothing

Fat spots on clothes are a pain. However, pour a can of Coke in with the water and the detergent, and run it through a regular cycle. Soon enough you’ll find the spot is gone. This also works with the motorhome’s upholstery. 

Bugs on the Motorhome's Windshield

Driving all day, you stop and find flies, crickets and a million other insects have found their way onto the windshield. And they’re firmly stuck. However, Coke can make this annoyance into a simple occurrence. Soak a tea towel in the Coke, and rub wherever the insects may be. After that, clean with water, and presto, you’ve got a clean windshield. 

Jellyfish Stings

You park up the camper by the beach, and excitedly run into the the sea. However, a jellyfish stings you! It’s pretty sore, and having somebody urinate on you doesn’t exactly sound like a delight. So, instead we offer Coke! Just pour some on and the pain is immediately reduced. However, vinegar is the best for this. Rinse with vinegar, and apply a heat pack or rest in hot water. Do not forcefully remove the tentacles either!

The Teapot

Hosting other campers, but embarassed the state of your teapot? Not fit to entertain with? Well, fill it with Coke beforehand, and rest it for an hour. Rinse out with water, and you’re set to offer tea to any who want!

Clogged Sink

Running a few cans of Coke through your sink every now and then goes a long way to ensure that it doesn’t clog.


If you’ve got a sore stomach, drinking flat Coke (no fizz) is an easy remedy. Your body might be lacking glucose, which Coke has plenty of. This can also be the same with a migraine. Don’t overdo it, just a reasonable amount to bring up those glucose levels.
intern, adults also find this very funny.

A Cola Fountain

A lot of hype around this, but it can be really entertaining! Grab a pack of Mentos, a bottle of Coke, and mix them together. And stand back! It’s a surefire way to entertain the kids for a bit, and we’ve got a suspicion adults find it funny too.


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So there you have it, a few reasons why some Coke is great to have around. Not to mention that, at times, a cold glass of Coke can be extremely refreshing. Safe travels!