5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Campsite for Your Campervan Holiday

July 22, 2022 in Tips for Travellers

You've found a campervan to hire for your trip - how exciting! Now it's time to book a campsite, which can feel slightly overwhelming. There are just so many great motorhome sites out there, so how can you find the right one for your trip? Well, the experts at JetCamp and here to help, with 5 tips for picking a campsite for your campervan holiday.

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1. What kind of holiday are you looking for?

You must first decide on the type of trip you wish to take. For example, do you intend to visit a national park or a major urban city? Or perhaps you're looking for a resort location with various services and activities for the entire family. You will have a better chance of finding the perfect campsite if you do a more detailed analysis. Think about what you want to get out of your trip. Maybe it's an adventure, maybe it's the chance to rest, maybe it's ticking something off your bucket list. First, make sure you know what kind of holiday you're hoping to have.

2. What would your perfect campsite have?

The most crucial aspect of selecting the perfect campsite is understanding what "perfect" means to you!

For example, is your perfect campsite pet-friendly? Do they offer some unusual accommodations? Do they offer more private pitches or the chance to socialise easily outside your motorhome? 

By determining what you prioritise in a campsite, you can filter when searching on platforms like JetCamp.

3. How big is your motorhome?

When selecting a motorhome site, it's wise to start with the fundamentals. It's critical to find out the size of your vehicle because most campsites have restrictions on the size of motorhomes. Smaller campervans, like Volkswagens, won't have any issues. But larger motorhomes could run the risk of being too long!

Check the campsite restrictions and even if it's allowed, consider this in choosing a pitch at the campsite.

Goboony Choosing Campervan Site h2 Motorhome Campsite

4. Do you need electricity or water hookups?

While most RVs have water tanks and generators, you may choose not to use them to avoid usage fees. Alternatively, you may prefer to rent a smaller unit without these amenities. If this is the case, seek out campgrounds that provide electric and water hookups for a small price.

5. When are you travelling?

If you've already booked your motorhome, we recommend reserving your campsite asap! Campsites can get full quickly during the peak season. And even if they have one or two spaces left, they might not be in the best areas of the campsite. If you want to have a prime spot in your first pick, book immediately!

If your plans haven't been decided, or last-minute adjustments come up, you can always handle it later.

We recommend travelling outside of the peak season if you can, such as in the late spring or autumn. This not only ensures your campsite will have more availability, but it's often cheaper too! Here are more tips on choosing when to take a road trip.

Goboony Choosing Campervan Site h2 Motorhome Campsite

Planning ahead allows you to find the best campsite for your trip. That looks a little different for everyone, but there's plenty of options. Even if you're taking a motorhome abroad, you can use JetCamp to find a great campsite in Europe

With a campsite sorted, all that's left is to pack your bags and get excited for your holiday!