11 Reasons to Visit Croatia

May 10, 2016 in Destinations

#1 The amazing waterfalls of Plitvice


Founded in 1949, Plitvice is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe. Being well connected to the rest of the country by roads means you can visit this enchanting series of lakes and waterfalls.

#2 The magical Dubrovnik


Yes, it is the setting for Kings Landing in game of thrones. But there are also a hundred and one things to do and see in this great city. This gem of the Dalmation coast has fine dining, a wealth of tourist attractions and hundreds of cozy streets to explore.

#3 The breathtaking coast of Cavtat


Situated only 15 miles south of Dubrovnik, Catvat is a popular tourist destination with a history going back to the 6th century BC when it was founded by the Ancient Greeks. 

#4 The rough but beautiful outbacks

The outbacks

Croatias costline is rocky, rugged and stunning all in one. It looks almost like it is from a different time. seemingly abandoned dry stone walls dot its landscape alongside wild fig and olive trees. You might chance upon the occasional herd of sheep. The drives between towns provide the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the urban scene.

#5 Visit the past in Pula


You don't need to go to Rome to see Roman ruins. Pula has a variety of ancient Roman sites to visit including it's own Arena.

#6 The peninsula Rovinj


Once owned by the Venetians, this peninsula is yet another beautiful seaside town. Originally settled as an island, Rovinj was joined to the mainland in the 18th century so you can actually drive your motorhome all the way there!

#7 Enjoy the most awesome sunsets in Sibenik


The mediterranean climate is perfect for watching sunsets. Not to mention the abundance of beautiful sea vistas. You really will be taking amazing pictures that really have #nofilter.

#8 Taste the Adriatic sea


With an abundance of dishes that span from something for the adventurous to more familiar options, Croatian cuisine does not dissapoint. Being a coastal nation, it should come as no surprise that there is a wealth of seafood options. Feeling a bit homesick? Most restaurants serve pasta dishes or meat options like burgers that pander to those who desire a more familliar dining experience. The cuisine is well balanced between accomodating for tourists and still allowing its wonderful cuisine to shine through.

#9 The grand capital, Zagreb


Zagreb truly is a majestic capital. It's architecture is notable for its heavy Austro-Hungarian influence. The city has several intruiging tourist attractions including notable art intallations, historic churches, and even a to scale model of out solar system, with the sun and planets situated on different streets throughout the entire city. If for some reason you are here in the winter, there is even a nearby ski resort. Zagreb is the place to visit if you are simply stopping off in Croatia, as is has great transport links and roads to the surrounding countries.

#10 The port of Split

Goboony Croatia Split motorhome

The second largest city in Croatia is as vibrant as it is picturesque. the waterfront makes for a lovely stroll. Don't worry if you get hungry, as there are are plenty of restaurants and gelaterias along the waterfront. Following the construction of a large Roman palace under the emperor Diocletian over 1700 years ago, Split grew as a settlement through trade into the bustling port it now is. The palace has been exceptionally well preserved as are the many historical galleries showcasing a wealth of historical artefacts from ancient Greek, Roman and Venetian. Split also offers a good variety venues for its nightlife with its many bars and clubs.


#11 The captivating city and Unesco World Heritage Site,Trogir


With over 2300 years of history this small city is steeped in historical architecture and cozy streets that are nothing less than awe inspiring. Just a small drive from Split, this gem on the Adriatic is a must see. 2017 marks a decade of Trogir being listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. A marvel in itself is that within this extremely cozy small island city is that they managed to leave room for a football pitch.