10 UK Destinations That Will Make You Think You’re Abroad

June 17, 2022 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers & United Kingdom

These incredible destinations in the UK will have you doubting whether you’ve hopped on a flight abroad without realising it. From Cornwall to the Inner Hebrides, with a brief stop over the waters in Belfast, we’ve got 10 destinations that you won’t believe are in the UK. Instead of spending hours in a queue for a flight, or risking it getting cancelled, plan a UK staycation. You can visit one of these destinations that will genuinely make you think you’re abroad, for the ultimate trip close to home.

  1. Little Venice, London

You’ll be shocked to realise that you’re not actually in Venice, or even Amsterdam, as you gaze across these canals. Little Venice is a slice of boating heaven, tucked away in London. Located where the Grand Union Canal meets the Regent’s Canal, this tranquil spot is home to many floating businesses and houseboats. Stroll along the water and be transported far away from the bustling streets of London.

Goboony UK Abroad Cheddar Gorge h2 Staycation

  1. Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Don’t bother travelling to the Gorges du Verdon, when we’ve got the spectacular Cheddar Gorge right here in Somerset! Almost 400-feet-deep and three miles long, we recommend tackling Cheddar Gorge on a road trip! It’s one of England’s most remarkable natural sights, filled with weathered pinnacles and crags, and featuring hidden stalactite caves with prehistoric markings…

  1. Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

Gone are the days when you had to fly for at least two hours to reach a decent beach, because we’ve got some of the best beaches right here in the UK! Barafundle Bay is often recognised to be one of the best beaches in Europe, with turquoise waters and golden sands. We recommend combining this with walking part of the 11-mile stretch from Broad Haven to South Shrinkle Haven on the Wales Coast Path. 

  1. Isle of Mull, Inner Hebrides

You don’t need to head to Norway to watch the Northern Lights, as you can see them right here in Scotland! You can enjoy unparalleled views as this stunning Scottish island experiences very little light pollution. The best time to see these Northern Lights are during autumn or winter, and if you’re adventurous you could pair this with staying at one of the great campsites on the Isle of Mull.

Goboony UK Abroad Isle of Mull h2 Staycation

  1. Valley of the Rocks, Devon

No, you’re not in Iceland, you’re in Devon! This picturesque valley will have you fooled, as it looks like a set from Game of Thrones. Towering cliffs leaning over the waters, with an interrupted view of the sea. You can explore this U-shaped valley by foot on a nice hike, or simply go to watch the sunset. 

  1. Giant’s Causeway, Belfast

According to legend, the giant Finn McCool built the Causeway as a path to connect Ireland with Scotland so he could take part in a fight. Although the columns don’t quite bridge the two nations, walking around the Giant’s Causeway can easily take a few hours. Plenty of great photo opportunities and even some hiking trails await! It’s free to visit so perfect for a budget trip. You can hire a campervan in northern Ireland and make a trip out of it.

  1. Isles of Scilly, Cornwall

You’ll truly believe you’ve left Europe entirely as you stroll down the exotic treelines of the Isle of Scilly. The white-sand beaches and turquoise waters will make you think you’re in the Caribbean. This is the best place to escape a British winter, as it’s sunny and home to tropical flora throughout the year. You’ll even get a taste of France, as it’s home to various vineyards that can offer a delicious drink to round off your day in the sunshine. 

Goboony UK Abroad Isle of Scilly h2 Staycation

  1. Bude Sea Pool, Cornwall

The best way to cool off this summer is a dip in the Bude Sea Pool in Cornwall, a partly man-made, partly natural, swimming pool. It’s tucked beneath the cliff at the northern end of Summerleaze Beach and rivals Bondi Icebergs Pool in Sydney. Head over for a swim or try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding.

  1. Mayfield Lavender, Surrey

Why travel to Provence for lavender fields when we have the incredible Mayfield Lavender in Surrey? Nothing will soothe your mind quicker than a stroll through these fields of lavender. They not only smell delicious, but they look gorgeous and are helping the bee population.

Dogs are even permitted here, as long as they’re kept on a lead!

Goboony UK Abroad Lavender Mayfield Surrey h2 Staycation

  1. Ben Nevis, Highlands

We’ve got an incredible mountain to climb right here in the UK. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK, with a summit of 1,345 metres above sea level. Even beginners can try their hand at Ben Nevis, but be aware that it takes an average of 7-8 hours, so we recommend trying it in summer for longer days!

You can visit all of these destinations and avoid the hassle and costs of travelling abroad! Hire a campervan and travel to these prime UK destinations, and you’ll never feel like leaving again. Why not make a road trip out of it, and visit as many destinations as you can?