10 places to visit in Portugal

January 25, 2018 in Destinations

# Visit Porto

Porto is awesome. De city radiates art and most streets look as if they were are the stage of romanting film. #TIP from the editor: delicious and affordable food as Miss'Opo – making a reservation is highly recommended.

Goboony Visit Portugal Porto seafront

# Visit Douro Valley

The Douro is also called the Golden River, and not without reason. The river provides a majestic motorhome route through portugal. No need to buy a sat nav if you just let yourself meander down the river.

Goboony Visit Portugal Motorhome Valley Douro

# Visit Lisbon

The capital and Largest city in Portugal, Lisbon offers something for everyone. The tourist attractions are of course worth visiting, but also make sure to explore the lesser known neighbourhoods to see what they have to offer.

Goboony Visit Portugal Motorhome Lisbon Skyline

# Sintra

A Goboony team member once mentioned that Sintra, home of 5 castles and palaces, is of such captivating beauty you’d be convinced you’re dreaming. We completely agree. Sintra is conveniently located a pleasant 45 minute drive from Lisbon by motorhome. The city has a beautiful old centre with  great cuisine and perfect paths for city strolls. #Tip go for a walk around the city after sunset, after many of the day tourists have left, so you can enjoy the city in peace

Goboony Visit Portugal Sintra Sunset Dome

# Visit Sintra Castle (Quinta da Regaleira)

We have just mentioned the allure of the historical city centre of Sintra, but venture outside the city and you will find many castles and nature reserves which are all worth visiting. With its many secret passages, tunnels hidden behind waterfalls and hidden doors. Even amongst the beauty of the area, the Quinta da Regaleira palace and estate manages to stand out. This century old estate emanates an esoteric atmosphere, making it well worth spending your afternoon in.

Goboony Portugal motorhome Sintra Quinta la Regaleira Palace Garden

# Praia da Ursa

If you are already in the Sintra neighbourhood and the weather's nice, it’s worth to visit Praia da Ursa. It is a bit of a walk from the nearest parking lot, but that just means those who are willing to go for a stroll get to enjoy a gorgeous beach that isn’t always swarmed with tourists!

Goboony Portugal Motorhome Praia da Ursa

# Praia da Adraga

Widely regarded as one of the best beaches in Portugal, this sublime stretch of shore is just around the corner from Praia da Ursa. Perhaps due to the lack of parking mentioned above, the beach remains largely untouched by the bulk of tourists, so you should be able to find the perfect spot. The restaurant at the beach may not look like much, but the food served more than makes up for it!

Goboony Visit Portugal Praia da Adraga Beach Rocks

# Big wave surfing in Nazare

Great surf spot, but only for the more seasoned surfers amongst us. As you can see from the picture, waves can grow to tempestuous heights. Even if you don’t surf, it’s worth checking out to experience and marvel in at the awesome might of the ocean.

Goboony Portugal Motorhome visit Nazare Big wave surf

# Praia da Rocha

Got time to take a trip further down the country? Then travel south to the Algarve. The climate is perfect (a little bit sunnier and warmer than, say, Porto) and beaches are unbelievably beautiful. In the summer it can get a little bit crowded, but it’s a place we think warrants a visit.

Goboony Portugal Motorhome Praia da Rocha# Algarve

Another pic of the Algarve, because it’s just too pretty. We cannot wait to roam the picturesque Portuguese beaches again.

Goboony Visit Portugal Motorhome Algarve Portogallo Streets

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